TCPB’s First Birthday Party: A Recap


Last night was one pretty eventful night in the Poptropica community, or my server at least. Why? It was finally time for TCPB’s First Birthday Party! Let’s take a long back on what happened.

The First Hour (7-8 PM ET) – Multiverse Madness


The multiverse, EGT38, was officially made right as the party began. While only a couple Poptropicans were there at first, more people joined as the hour passed by. There was battling, chatting, pushing the tree, and spamming emoticons, like usual, but also some rather odd glitches and lots of lag.

Fortune cookies were opened, with inspiring messages such as…


Oops, I mean…


But I’m not wearing a clown suit, nor was anyone at the party, so you can trust us! Oh, wait, there was that time in first grade when I was a clown in a play…

The Second Hour (8-9 PM ET) – Roblox Randomness


Halfway through the party, 8 PM EST to be exact, I was getting a tad bored with just the multiverse. I decided to do something that had never been done during a Poptropica party- playing a different game. Roblox.

image People were pretty excited about this, and the first game we played was Natural Disaster Survival. If you’ve never played this game before, the title basically says it all: you have to try and survive things like tornadoes, blizzards, etc. When we played this Robloxian classic, I somehow became an oracle and correctly guessed that the next disaster would be a thunderstorm.

After that we played a little Survive the Disasters 2, which is like Natural Disaster Survival but with totally unnatural disasters, and then I tried to show some peeps my house in the totally overrated MeepCity. I was gonna make a party in that game just to find out that you have to buy Plus for that feature.

But just then, I got an idea. What if we played some Poptropica ripoff games? I had done that a couple months ago, and those did exist in the void of Roblox games. Let’s just say, they are some really weird games. One of them consisted of parkour-obstacle-course-things based on the first 12 islands, and they got the character designs and plot lines so freaking wrong.

I know you’re probably getting curious, so next Sunday I’ll be playing these ripoff games and making a post about my experiences for the last ever Spectacular Sunday Surprise (SSS will be replaced with Pop TV starting on February 5th). Stay tuned…

There was also action in the multiverse during the second hour, but it was starting to die off. Yet, it was still being used even after the party “ended.”

So yeah, that’s what happened last night! If you weren’t able to make it to the party, I’ve got some good news for you: Short Feather recorded most of the party. But the thing is, his videos aren’t finished yet. I’ll be making a separate post with links to them in the next day or so. See ya then!

Happy (late) birthday, TCPB, here’s to another great year!

-Tall Cactus


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