Theory Thursdays: The Double Meaning Behind IotM


Hey guys, welcome back to Theory Thursdays! While I try to come up with a better intro, here’s another theory post for you.

This theory was originally going to just be a section of last week’s theory on what Islands will be in Poptropica Worlds, but I decided to make it its own post instead. That being said, today’s theory may be on the shorter side, but I wouldn’t be able to fit in all the little details if I had made it a part of last week’s theory.

What is this theory about, you ask? Well, it’s about the Islands of the Month. No, not the ones for January, but the series in general. Read on…

A Double Meaning

For the past couple months, I’ve had a feeling that there is more to IotM than what meets the eye. I thought it was simply a way to make people forget that New Pop was delayed at first, but ever since Poptropica Worlds was announced a couple weeks ago, my theory on the existence of this credit-overflowing series has changed. A lot.

Let me propose a little question for you. What if the Islands of the Month are some of the islands that will be remade for Pop Worlds. Or what if IotM was made just to be a memorial service to the islands that will fade away with the new generation of Poptropica?

A Sneak Peak to Pop Worlds?

The fact that nearly all of the Islands of the Month are SUIs is a bit suspicious. They are some of the most popular islands, after all, and the Creators said that some of our favorites will be remade for Worlds. Could this be the case for the islands featured in IotM?

A Final Goodbye?

However, the truth could be the exact opposite. Maybe the Islands of the Month, well, at least the majority of them, won’t be in revamped in Poptropica Worlds. Why else would they feature certain islands for an entire month at a time? The Creators may want to celebrate these islands before they are forgotten. If that’s true, they want players to complete these islands before it’s too late by rewarding them with credits, since they probably can’t tell anyone which islands will and which islands won’t be in Pop Worlds just yet.

A Mix of Both?

To be honest, I think the true answer is a mixture of both possibilities. Like, some of the Islands of the Month will move on to Worlds, and some won’t. Maybe IotM has nothing to do with Worlds and everything is just a big coincidence.

But if my theory is true, how will we know which islands are being remade and which ones are dying?

We’ll just have to wait until Poptropica Worlds releases this spring, sadly.

-Tall Cactus


5 thoughts on “Theory Thursdays: The Double Meaning Behind IotM

  1. Both New and Old Poptropica will be on so I doubt they oldies will die. IOTM’s purpose was to get people to play more and gain credits to buy their rubbish costumes.


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