Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 10)

S1E10 – Adventures in Space Exploration: Part 2

Based on Astro Knights Island.

The episode begins right where the previous left off: Piper crash landing on Pewter Moon. More of Astro Knight’s plot happens, and eventually, Piper makes it to Binary Bard’s castle, which seems to be in another dimension. That whole puzzle thing happens and the scene with Binary Bard somehow becoming the princess for a few minutes, yeah, you know the plot.

After Piper defeats Binary Bard with the help of Merlin, that robotic owl, Binary Bard admits that he sort of caused that meteorite from the Super Power episode, among other things. It’s quite an emotional scene actually. Piper realizes how depressed he is…but she must go home. Binary Bard is trapped in his castle, and Piper returns to Arturus with Princess Elyana and that orb. Elyana actually turns out to be independent and even a tad sassy, unlike those other princesses.

Yet nothing will quite be the same again, now that she knows Poptropica is an actual planet and not an island chain. Anyways, when she gets back, she realizes how long she was gone for: a week. Thankfully Jack and his parents are waiting for her, and are so relieved she’s okay.

-Tall Cactus


Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 9)

S1E9 – Adventures in Space Exploration: Part 1

Based off of Astro Knights Island.

Piper and Jack are riding their blimp around when they accidentally go off course and land in the Kingdom of Arturus. Though it seems to be stuck in medieval times, it’s actually has some of the most advanced technology in Poptropica, and it’s pretty much common knowledge.

Other islands can’t have access to their technology, however, because they put a strict copyright on everything and the people of the small kingdom want to keep their inventions theirs. Jack goes on to explain that the people of Arturus just choose to live this way and they do know about modern times. They just don’t interact with people from other islands much, to keep their unique culture alive.

Jack and Piper soon find that the island is in complete panic: there was an invasion from space. Thus the plot of Astro Knights begins. Piper and Jack explore the kingdom; learn about Mordred and find that secret organization that worships him; etc. Also the king asks them to find Princess Elyana, who was kidnapped. Piper makes a quick joke about hoe cliche that is, but then she joins Jack in trying to help. Piper eventually finds a UFO that she just so happens to have the power source for (she accidentally picked it up earlier in the episode). And just like that, she’s on Pewter Moon…Poptropica is a planet?!

-Tall Cactus

Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 8)

S1E8 – (never came up with a title)

Based off of Shrink Ray Island

It’s time for the yearly science fair at school. Piper never made a project because she’s still a pretty new student, but Jack made one of those cliche volcano things because he waited till the last minute to do the project.

All the students from Early Poptropica Middle School, including Piper, then travel to River City, where they will be competing with the local school there to see who has the best projects.

The rest of the episode basically follows the plot of Shrink Ray Island, and I don’t know what else to say, lol.

-Tall Cactus

Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 7)

S1E7 – Waterpark Extreme

Based off of some island concept, Water Thrill Island or something, that there is only one picture. Spoiler: this island never became a thing and this episode is probably nothing like this waterpark island was going to be.

Piper and Jack are just playing some video games one Saturday afternoon when Amelia and Edward burst into the room. They tell the teens that the local waterpark is closing down and today is the last day it’s open, so they should go. It’s unusually hot outside that spring day, too.

When they get to the waterpark, Water Thrill, they realize the real reason it’s shutting down: It’s way too dangerous. A bunch of people with casts and bandages are walking out of the park when Piper, Jack, and Jack’s parents are walking in. Jack tries to tell them they should go home, but Piper doesn’t care. She begins going on some of the slides while Jack and his fam stay behind. But Piper doesn’t get hurt on any of the rides…

An hour or so later Piper convinces Jack to come in the wave pool with her. But when they walk over to it, they see Dr. Hare there, OF COURSE. He’s using this weird device to make the waves so high that they fling people in to the air – that’s what’s causing all the injuries. Piper questions Hare on why he’s doing this, and he says he’s bored. His real plan can’t be carried out yet, supposedly. Then he says he’s getting bored with this too and he leaves. Piper once again missed her chance to capture him…

They later learn that Water Thrill is closing so a NEW park can be built. Let’s just say, Piper and Jack are somewhat annoyed at that cliche ending, and about all the Dr. Hare stuff, and that this new park won’t be finished for three years.

Yeah these episodes are not that great but trust me, they’ll get good soon. The first episodes of most awesome cartoons are kind of filler-y like this but they eventually turn around for the better. 

-Tall Cactus

Yet Another Pop TV Update…

Hey guys. So last night, I decided to once again change the dates of when the Pop TV Season 1 episodes release. I decided to try to have them all come out before April.

As you probably know, I am very worried about the upcoming Poptropica Worlds that comes out this spring. If I don’t like this new game, I’ll most likely quit blogging, which means Pop TV will end too. But I love Pop TV too much and I want to at least finish the first season before this can happen.

I’m pretty sure Worlds won’t come out in March, like, most of the month is technically winter still. Plus we still haven’t gotten many sneak peaks, I feel like we would have gotten more if it’s releasing next month.

However, there is still a chance that Worlds will be awesome and I will continue blogging long after its debut. If this is the case, there will be a hiatus after Season 1 is over, and the premiere of Season 2 will come out a few weeks/a month after Worlds’ release so I can have time to make any storyline changes.

And if Worlds does somehow release in March…eh, I’ll figure out what to do if that actually happens, which I doubt.

But for now, all of the episodes will be summaries so I can actually get them all out on time. However, the final five episodes of Season 1 could possibly end up being transcripts like originally planned. No promises though.

That being said, here’s the new schedule…

2/25 – Episode 7

2/26 – Episode 8

2/27 – Episode 9 

2/28 – Episode 10

3/1 – Episode 11

3/2 – Episode 12

3/3 – Episode 13

3/5 – Episode 14 + 15

3/12 – Episode 16, 17, 18

3/19 – Episode 19, 20, 21

3/26 – Episode 22 

3/27 – Episode 23

3/28 – Episode 24 

3/29 – Episode 25

3/30 – Episode 26

3/31 – After Worlds’ Release – Hiatus

(If an episode comes out on a Friday, there will not be a Popular Opinions that day.)

As you can see, there will be a Pop TV episode every day for a week starting tomorrow. So yeah, there’s some hype for you kiddos. But I’m sorry. I never wanted this series to be so rushed like this, but I just don’t know what else to do right now. If Season 2 and 3 ever come out, I can promise you that this won’t have to happen.

Anyways, I’ll see you tomorrow for Pop TV Episode 7!

-Tall Cactus

BTW: no Popular Opinions today, sorry. Also, when new episodes release every day for a week, there won’t be series like Theory Thursdays that particular week, just wanted to make that clear.

Everything We Know About Poptropica Worlds (As Of 2/23)


Look, I have a confession to make: I’m kind of running out of theories. There’s just no new islands coming out…

That being said, I decided to write a post today in place of the usual theory. And this post isn’t about unproven theories at all, but rather true facts. Yup, I’ve decided to list every single thing we know about Worlds, so you’ll only have to go to one place to get all the info, instead of jumping around different blogs and sources.

However, this post may become outdated very soon, so if you’re reading this after February 23rd, 2017, do it with caution. If we learn enough new info before Worlds releases, I will make an updated version of this post in the following weeks.


  • Poptropica Worlds will release in Spring 2017; the exact date remains unknown.
  • Up until January 2017, Worlds was known as the New Poptropica/Pop or Pop 2.0.
  • The New Pop was supposed to be released in late 2016, but it was delayed.
  • A New Poptropica was announced on April 25th, 2016, but Poptropica Worlds itself wasn’t until January 11th, 2017.
  • A new website and a new app.
  • The Original Pop will not be removed/isn’t going anywhere.
  • Worlds is being built with Unity, not Flash, and should be available for all search engines.

Game Features 

  • New Poptropica design: including fingers, shoes, a slightly more realistic body, etc.
  • Pets!
  • Customizable houses that you can invite your friends over to.
  • New multiplayer features/a new social experience.
  • Islands being renamed to Worlds.
  • Some of the islands from the Original Pop will be remastered for Worlds.
  • One account for all Poptropica platforms (Original Pop, Pop Worlds, app, etc.)
  • Way more costumes…
  • A unified story.
  • Daily prizes/games.
  • You will be able to port over your Poptropican’s name and basic look to Worlds.
  • Cross-platform: same islands on desktop and app, and progress will transfer between the two (like, if you start an island on desktop, you can continue on the app, and vice versa.)
  • All new islands will only be released onto Worlds (Monkey Wrench was the last for the Original Pop, rip…)
  • You will be able to choose your own first and last name; it won’t be random.
  • No age limit!
  • Dr. Hare will return…
  • Apparently Worlds will still be on poptropica.com, but I don’t really know

Official Images + Trailers

(Also, there is that worm: http://blog.poptropica.com/2016/10/sneak-peek-designing-new-poptropica.html?m=0)


Yes, there have been some leaks. But since they are leaks that were not officially released yet, they could be fake. However, I’ll still go over what info can be learned from them, just remember the following facts may not be facts at all.

  • Binary Bard is returning, and possibly Astro-Knights.
  • Crisis Caverns…?
  • “Challenge of the Day”
  • More shoes.

(Some of the leaks…)

The Poptropica App Descriptions…

Similar to the leaks, it’s not confirmed if what’s mentioned in the descriptions and pictures are actually going to be on Worlds. You can see them here, I don’t know if I want to talk about them right now. You’ll know why if you read my post from yesterday.

So yeah, that’s everything we know about Poptropica Worlds! Although it’s not much, the game will be releasing in just a couple months, probably late May/early June at the very latest, so we won’t have to wait much longer.

-Tall Cactus

Fear and Uncertainty :/

This morning, Happy Lobster was told about and posted about some new pics on the Pop app’s description…and they may just be from Worlds.

(Link to the PHB post: https://poptropicahelp.net/2017/02/22/poptropica-worlds-picture-previews/)

Of course, they may not be, as I explained in a comment on that post. But the art style used in the promo pics is almost definitely the one being used in Worlds, and it’s making me feel a little uneasy…

Look, here’s the thing. I’m very, very worried. I’m sorry Creators but I seriously dislike those pics! It’s most likely just that art style I just mentioned. Either way, I’m just so scared that I won’t like Pop Worlds. And if I don’t like Worlds, I’ll probably lose interest in Poptropica altogether – this includes my blog. But I don’t want to quit!

And if I do end up quitting, just know that I will end the TCPB’s history on a high note. Maybe even have one last party. Also, I won’t delete the blog, I just would stop posting on it. Let’s not think about this stuff right now though…

Back to the art style. As many people were mentioning in the comment section of HL’s post, it’s way too shiny and attention-grabbing. I have to agree. It’s kinda childish…which also makes me very worried. I get really embarrassed about Pop sometimes because it’s meant for younger kids and I’m a teenager, and this new art style sure isn’t helping.

Anyways, if one of you Creators are reading this, I want to ask you a favor: please give us more news on Worlds. The uncertainty of Worlds’ features and the game itself is what’s probably causing most of my worries. If we knew more, I can bet that I wouldn’t be nearly as scared, as I would know more on what to expect. I know you probably want it to be a surprise, but I don’t think that’s the best way to go with this.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. Feel free to leave any advice in the comment section, it would mean a lot.

And Creators, I’m sorry. I kinda feel guilty for saying these negative things about your game that hasn’t even released yet. I know how hard you’re working on this new generation of Pop, it’s just that…sigh.

-Tall Cactus

Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 4, 5, 6)

Here ya go!

Episode 4 Summary

Based off Shark Tooth Island.

Basically this episode begins where Episode 3 left off: Amelia, Piper, and Jack flying in the blimp. They land on Shark Tooth Island where Dr. Hare may be. The majority of the episode is just the plot of Shark Tooth Island, but better. Also there’s a surfing scene. Dr. Hare turns out to have already left the island, and it is revealed that Piper has never learned to swim. She learns how to by the end of the episode, though.

Episode 5 Summary

Based off Super Power Island.

A few days to a week or so after the events of Episode 4, Jack and Piper are watching the news when Edward comes home from his work trip. But right when they go to say hi to him, the Breaking News music comes on. Apparently a meteoroid has just hit a city on an island not very far away. It hit a prison, of course, and all the criminals gained superpowers from it and escaped.

Piper and Jack quickly head to the scene, and the events of Super Power Island unfold. Towards the end, Piper gets flying powers so she can defeat Betty Jetty. But they soon wear off, and she’s not very happy. However, Piper soon remembers that she has a jetpack from when she found the pilgrims’ stuff in Early Poptropica, and she has a blimp, so she doesn’t need super powers to fly.

But before they leave the island, they see Dr. Hare. Piper and Jack question him and ask if he caused the meteorite, but he swears that he didn’t. He then leaves the scene before the local police can arrest him. Did someone else cause the meteorite, or was it just nature?

Episode 6 Summary

Look, I never planned this episode. However, it would probably just be another episode based on an island, or one happening at school. Nothing too important plot-wise…

Next Sunday: Episode 7, probably in transcript format!

-Tall Cactus

Popular Opinions: Why No Necks?!


Today the peeps on the Cacti Pop Chat and myself tried to answer one of Poptropica’s biggest mysteries: Why don’t Poptropicans have necks?


The second question suggested in last week’s Popular Opinions will be the question for next week’s, see ya then!

Also, goodbye Magic Panda! You were such a great friend who will never be forgotten.

Tall Cactus