Pop TV Season 1: Episode Release Dates!

Hey guys. Today I was just in science class when I suddenly came up wth this idea regarding Pop TV. And I’m actually going to make this random thought a reality, especially since the series returns in just a few days.

But before I explain that, I’d like to mention that Pop TV will be a mix of both the original Pop and Pop Worlds, along with my own stories. That being said, if Worlds comes out and it’s actually a good game but it messes up something in Pop TV, I won’t be rewriting the series again.

Anyways, back to the purpose of this post. Writing episodes of Pop TV are very, very hard, you see. Each one takes many hours to do, and it’s difficult to figure out what each character should say. And with Worlds coming out this spring, I need to get these episodes out as quick as I can, and writing a transcript for each one will mean that Season 1 will probably end in July.

But in science class today, I realized that maybe I don’t have to write a transcript for every single episode. Maybe I could just summarize some of the less important filler episodes instead of writing out an entire script for each of them. And if I were to do this, I could put multiple episode summaries in just one post, moving the series along quicker. Meanwhile, I could still write transcripts for the best, most exciting episodes. 

As you probably guessed, I am going do this. And now Season 1 will be finished in late May.

Read on to see when each episode will release, and whether it will be an actual transcript or a summary!

*Dates could end up changing, nothing is for certain. 

2/5 – Episode 2 (Transcript)

2/12 – Episode 3 (Transcript)

2/19 – Episodes 4, 5, + 6 (Summaries)

2/26 – Episode 7 (Transcript)

3/5 – Episode 8 (Summary)

3/12 – Episode 9 + 10 (Transcripts or Summaries, not sure)

3/19 – Episode 11? (Summary)

3/26 – Episode 12 (Transcript)

4/2 – Episode 13 (Transcript)

4/9 – Episode 14 (Transcript)

4/16 (yes, I’m aware it’s Easter) – Episodes 15, 16, 17, + 18 (Summaries)

4/23 – Episodes 19, 20, + 21 (Summaries)

4/30 – Episode 22 (Transcript)

5/7 – Episode 23 (Probably a Summary, but possibly a Transcript)

5/14 – Episode 24 (Transcript)

5/21 – Episode 25 (Transcript)

5/28 – Episode 26 (Transcript, Season 1 Finale!)

After the Season 1 Finale, there will be a break before Season 2 debuts, which will probably happen in mid-late June. I’m not sure, it all depends on whether I like Worlds or not. But if Worlds releases during Season 1, which will probably end up happening, I will get all 26 episodes out as planned, even if Worlds isn’t so great and I decide to quit blogging. I just really love the last few episodes of Season 1, lol.

Also, you may be wondering why I didn’t say what the title of each episode is. I have many reasons for keeping the titles a secret, but the main two are simply that I don’t want any potential spoilers, and I just don’t know what to call every episode yet.

So that’s that. I’ll see ya on Sunday for Episode 2!

-Tall Cactus

PS- Apparently it’s six more weeks of winter once again, but I’m pretty sure we all know that the whole Groundhog Day thing is very inaccurate. Either way, it’s not technically spring until March 20th.


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