Theory Thursdays: The Groundhog Day Special

Hey guys. So today’s Groundhog Day! You know, the holiday when that groundhog comes out of its hole and if it sees its shadow then it’s winter for another six weeks, and if it doesn’t then it’s early spring? Or is it the other way around?

But there’s something even more confusing than that: the seasons in the Poptropica islands.


Like seriously, they’re never explained. So that’s why I’ve decided to say what I think each island’s season is, using help from trees, weather, and even real world influences.

Read on for the very, very long list…

  • Early Poptropica: Unknown

There’s like, no proof at all…

  • Shark Tooth: Unknown

Shark Tooth is a tropical island, which makes it very hard to figure out what season it is.

  • Time Tangled: Summer (on Main Street, at least)

While the other time periods probably take place during different times of the respective year they are in, Main Street is seen to have green leaves on all the trees, and Professor Pendulum went on vacation…to Shark Tooth. Heck, you can see him on the island when you play it. So maybe Shark Tooth actually takes place in the summer?

  • 24 Carrot: Fall/Autumn

The trees on the island have just a few, orange leaves.

  • Super Power: Fall/Autumn

While some of the trees’ leaves are green, just as many trees have leaves that are yellow or orange.

  • Spy: Summer

Even though it’s always nighttime on this island, you can see that the trees are full of green leaves.

  • Nabooti: Unknown

I really just have no clue on Nabooti’s season.

  • Big Nate: Spring (or September)

Big Nate is has school during the quest, but it doesn’t feel quite like fall or winter. Which means it’s either the springtime or really early in September.

  • Astro Knights: Summer

Again, all the trees have green leaves.

  • Counterfeit: Fall/Autumn 

The trees in the background have orange/red leaves.

  • Reality TV: Unknown but probably in the Summer

The island takes place in a desert and then a tropical island, so it’s hard to say what season it is specifically. But it just feels like summer to me, I don’t even know.

  • Mythology: Spring/Summer

Everything is in full bloom. And besides, if it were the winter or even fall, you’d see Hades’ wife with him in the Underworld.

  • Skullduggery: Summer?

I’m pretty sure the trees are full of leaves, but I’m not sure.

  • Steamworks: Unknown

I have no freaking clue…

  • Great Pumpkin: Fall/Autumn

It’s literally Halloween.

  • Cryptids: Fall/Autumn

There are orange/red trees in the background.

  • Wild West: Unknown

This island takes place entirely in the desert, with no trees to be seen…

  • Wimpy Wonderland: Winter


  • Red Dragon: Spring 

Well, it’s spring in Ancient Japan, at least, as there are cherry blossoms blooming everywhere.

  • Shrink Ray: Spring/possibly Fall

Most science fairs happen in the spring, but hey, some are in the fall, or winter. But it doesn’t seem very cold outside, so…

  • Mystery Train: Fall/Autumn

The trees in the background have orange/red leaves.

  • Game Show: Spring/Summer

You can see some leaves on the trees, and that’s basically it.

  • Ghost Story: Fall/Autumn

A few of the trees seen have only a few, orange leaves.

  • SOS: Spring

Although the “island” has icebergs and is just really cold, it’s based off of the Titanic, which sunk in April 1912.

  • Vampire’s Curse: Fall/Autumn

The island has a really spooky vibe to it, and the trees have no leaves. But it’s raining and not snowing, and no one’s wearing a winter jacket or anything, so it’s gotta be in the fall. I mean, it doesn’t snow everywhere in the winter, but the island seems pretty mountainous…

  • Twisted Thicket: Summer

Seems pretty warm out, at least for a place based on Norway.

  • Poptropolis Games: Summer

The Poptropolis Games are based on the Olympics, the summer ones to be exact.

  • Wimpy Boardwalk: Summer

Do I even have to explain this one?

  • Lunar Colony: Unknown

Pretty sure it takes place in Florida (it’s space themed) or somewhere tropical, there are palm trees.

  • Super Villain: Unknown


  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Winter

It’s literally snowing.

  • Zomberry: Fall/Autumn or Spring

You can see a school bus near that bridge on the island, and it’s not snowing or anything, and it’s always nighttime so you can’t see the leaves of the trees.

  • Night Watch: Unknown

Sort of tropical.

  • Back Lot: Unknown

Sort of tropical.

  • Virus Hunter: Summer

The trees are full of green leaves.

  • Mocktropica: …

The whole island is a glitch, so I guess its season is too.

  • Monster Carnival: Summer

Basically all carnivals are in the summer months, and a kid is eating ice cream.

  • Survival: Winter/early Spring

While there is a lot of snow and ice, it’s starting to melt by the later episodes.

  • Mission Atlantis: Unknown

The “island” takes place on a boat and then underwater, none of the mainland is seen, meaning it could be any season.

  • PoptropiCon: Summer

The San Diego Comic Con, the inspiration for PoptropiCon, tends to be in the summer, July to be specific.

  • Arabian Nights: Unknown

It takes place in Arabia, and it’s all desert there.

  • Galactic Hot Dogs: Unknown 

The worst island ever takes place in space somewhere, our seasons probably don’t exist for them.

  • Mystery of the Map: Unknown 

It’s a rather tropical island…

  • Timmy Failure: Late Spring

While the trees are totally filled with green leaves, there is that part where a test in school is mentioned, so it’s probably near the end of spring.

  • Escape From Pelican Rock: Summer

Again, it just feels like an island that would take place in the summer. Not much proof other than that, though.

  • Monkey Wrench: Unknown

Yay, another tropical island, and another unknown….sorry guys.

Congrats, you’ve made it through that entire list! At this point you may be wondering why any of this even matters. Well, it may just come in handy for when I remake that Island Timeline thing I did a few months ago, and maybe even a map of Poptropica for Pop TV, wink.

-Tall Cactus


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