TCPB’s 1st Birthday Month: CONTEST WINNERS!!!

There’s no time for an introduction, I know you all just want to know the winners right here, right now.

First, the winner of the art contest is…



Lucky Wing!

She also entered this piece of art from her blog’s Christmas special:


Not only that, but G-Hopper/Cuddly Brain entered this hilarious picture:


Last but not least, the winner of the graphic design contest is…

another drumroll


Perfect Sky!

As mentioned, her graphic will be TCPB’s header for the rest of February, starting now. Enjoy!

G-Hopper/Cuddly Brain and Purple Claw submitted some cool graphics as well:


By Cuddly Brain


By Purple Claw

I’d like to congratulate not only the two winners, but to everyone who entered. All your submissions were awesome!

And with that, TCPB’s 1st Birthday Month has officially ended. I hope you had fun celebrating, and let’s hope my blog will make it to its second birthday. It all depends on Poptropica Worlds, please oh please be a good game…

-Tall Cactus


5 thoughts on “TCPB’s 1st Birthday Month: CONTEST WINNERS!!!

  1. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to enter! I’ve been working on Wolff’s Bane (you’re a huge character in it btw lol my only surviving MPB friend XD) and like a million other projects. I’ll send you your gift on Discord (there’s going to be like 2 or 3 parts though)


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