Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 2)

S1E2 – Friends and Foes

An alarm clock is heard beeping in what is now Piper’s bedroom. She pulls the covers over her head.

Amelia: Wake up, Piper! You’re starting school today! You don’t want to be late!

Amelia pulls the cover off the bed as Piper holds a pillow onto her face.

Amelia: Really.

Piper: Fine…it’s just that I thought all that Poptropica stuff was a dream, no, a nightmare.

Amelia: I’m sorry Piper, but it’s reality. Even though we don’t know how to get you home, we can’t let you fall behind on your education.

Piper gets out of her bed, and notices that she still has the medallion around her neck. 

Amelia: Maybe you should leave that here…

Piper: No! I need to keep it on at all times. Maybe if I never take it off, it’ll eventually take me home!

Amelia: Hmm, good idea. Just don’t lose it!

Piper: Okay, I won’t!

An hour later, Piper and Jack are at the entrance of the school.

Jack: Here we are, Early Poptropica Middle School. You’re in 8th grade, right?

Piper: I sure am.

Jack: Good. That’s the grade I’m in, and we get to rule the school!

Piper: Yay…

Jack: I know, school’s boring. But we gotta go anyway. Come on, we’re going to be late!

Jack runs through the door.

Piper: Coming!

A huge hallway of lockers and students sits before Piper.

Piper: This is too familiar…is the school system here the same as Earth’s?

Jack: I don’t know, but you’ll know soon.

Piper: Yeah. So, where’s my locker?

Jack: Follow me…

They walk up to some lockers. A girl with long, dark hair is pulling a history textbook out.

Jack: Ok, so, your locker is right above mine. I have your combo right here. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna steal anything.

Piper dials the combo and opens her locker on the first try.

Piper: Thanks.

Jack: No prob.

Piper walks up to the girl.

Piper: Hi!

Girl: Hey…wait, who are you? Are you new or something?

Piper: I’m Piper, Piper Pearson. And yup, I’m new. What’s your name?

Girl: Name’s Zoey. Nice to meet you, Piper. We better get to history class now, the bell is about to ring.

Piper: Okay…

Zoey: And this school, and island, is pretty small so we should all be in the same classes.

Piper: K.

Jack walks up to Piper.

Jack (whispering): I like how you tell your last name to someone you literally just met and not even me or my parents.

Piper: Oh, I must have forgotten…

JackIt’s fine. Let’s just get to class, we can’t be late!

A classroom. 20 teenagers are sitting in rows of desks as Jack, Piper, and Zoey walk in. 

Teacher: Hello. You’re Piper, right? The new kid?

Piper: I sure am.

Teacher: Well, uh, nice to meet you.

Piper sits down at a desk. 

Teacher: Okay, class, today we will be learning about the Tribal War of Poptropolis. Turn to page 82 of your textbook and read along with me…

Later that day…

Jack: School’s finally over! Uh, Piper?

Piper: Those classes were so…CONFUSING! Especially that history class…

JackIt’s fine, we can get you caught up soon. Once you know this history of Poptropica, I’m sure a lot of your questions will get answered.

Piper: I don’t know if I want to know…

Loudspeaker: All students, report to the auditorium now.

Jack: I thought the school day was over? Geez…

In the auditorium, Jack, Piper, and Zoey sit next to each other in the front row of seats. The other 70 students soon follow. 

Teacher: Hello, students! I know this assembly was unexpected, but I just wanted to introduce you to our new classmate, Piper!

Piper (whispering to Jack): Seriously?! I don’t like getting all this attention! I wish someone could just come and end the-

Just then, a window breaks. A group of people walk on to the stage. A man and a woman push the teacher out of the way and go to centerstage, while two others stay in a corner.

Teacher: Oh, uh, hello?

 Woman: This isn’t a time for simple hellos. It’s the time for extravagant introductions!

Teacher: Can you just leave?

WomanYes. But first, we want to inspire today’s youth with out evilness.

Teacher: That’s not a good influence though?

Woman: My name is Bethany Wendy, but I’m keeping my true villain name a secret for now. Next to me is David D. Dangerous.

David Dangerous: Hi.

“Bethany Wendy”: There’s also Raven…he’s quite shy, though.

Bethany points to the corner.

“Bethany Wendy”: Our boss though, he’ll be right here, in centerstage, in just a moment…

closeup of a pair of feet walking is seen. The camera moves up the man’s body…he’s wearing a bunny suit? Everyone starts to laugh. 

Man: Why are you laughing? You are in the presence of the greatest super villain to ever live…Dr. Harvey Hare!

Piper (laughing): This is the most stupid thing ever!

Jack: Look, it may not seem this way, but this actually very serious. Right, Zoey? Zoey?!

Zoey climbs onto the stage. and faces the villains. 

Jack: Zoey, no!

Zoey: Leave our school.

Dr. HareDo you even like school?

Zoey: Uh…

Dr. Hare: Exactly.


“Bethany Wendy”: Harvey, I think it’s time for step 1 of our plan.

Dr. Hare: Oh, right! How could an evil genius like me forget about that? Raven, hand me the helmet.

Zoey: What are you talking about?

Dr. hare goes to the corner where Raven is standing, takes the helmet, and walks back to centerstage. He places the helmet on Zoey and presses a button. Her eyes become green and swirly.

Zoey: What can I do for you, Master?

Dr. Hare: As you can see, she’s being mind controlled by yours truly! Who wants to go next?

Everyone screams and runs out of the building, except for Piper and Jack. Piper stands there, shaking.

David Dangerous: I mean, we don’t have the other helmets here right now, but…Harvey! How many times have we told you not to reveal our plans like that!

Dr. Hare: Whoops.

“Bethany Wendy”: Come on guys, let’s go.

The villains exit. 

Jack: Let’s get out of here!

Piper: But-

Jack: But what?

PiperI don’t know. Maybe we should call the police or something?

Jack pulls out his cellphone and dials in a number, and speaks for a minute or two.

Jack: Done. Now let’s go!

Outside the school, police officers are investigating the scene, only to find that the villains are gone. 

Police Officer #1: Ha, those kids and their stories.

Police Officer #2: I think this is serious though, we need to let him know!

Police Officer #1: Oh? Maybe you’re right then?

Police Officer #2: We need to let the boss know either way, we cannot wait another day!

Police Officer #1: Ha, you rhymed. Again. Good one, buddy!

Police Officer #2: How did you get this job, Bob…

The police officers leave the scene.

Jack: Come on, Piper, we should really get home now-

Piper just stands there. 

Jack: Piper?

Piper clutches her medallion.

Piper: I’ll catch up with you later, I-I just need some time to myself.

Jack: Um, okay then. Bye…?

Piper walks down Main Street in silence, and sorrow. This Poptropica place just doesn’t make any sense. Yet, it feels so familiar…just then, she sees a sign that says “Early Poptropica” on it.

PiperI thought the entire town is called that? I better go see this…

Narrator: What secrets does Poptropica hold? What is Dr. Hare planning? And most importantly, what is Edward’s job? Find out as the story of Piper Pearson plays out; as she slowly but surely finds the truth of Poptropica’s existence!


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