Pop Worlds FAQ: What We Learned


Sorry for such a low quality picture…

Hey guys! So a couple hours ago, a new Creators’ Blog post was published…


You saw that right. The FAQ finally came out!

The FAQ: My Reaction

Let’s just go over what was revealed in the post, shall we?


I’m pretty sure we already knew most of that stuff, but I’m just relieved that Tall Cactus will live on.


Yes, the app will have a purpose again!


First of all, this means Monkey Wrench will be the last ever island on the original Pop, rip.

Second of all…I’m confused. I thought islands would be called “worlds” now. But whatever, I prefer islands, so if they changed it, I’m completely fine with it. They probably didn’t though, and they were just referencing to them as islands so we can understand the post better. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.



Please don’t become Club Penguin, please don’t. But these features could be cool and not all members-only, and the original CP is going to die soon, so maybe we are safe.


Two words: THANK YOU.


Well, he is basically the Pop mascot, lol. Wait, what if he ends up appearing in other islands and not just 24 Carrot? Hmm…

The Subtle Details 

But there’s more to this FAQ than what first meets the eye. Take a closer look at that graphic…


Yup, the following islands may just be in Worlds…

  • AstroKnights
  • 24 Carrot
  • Skullduggery
  • Survival
  • Monster Carnival
  • Mystery of the Map/Graphic Novel Islands
  • Crisis Caverns

I mean, I’m fine with most of these islands, and I actually like quite a few, but the rest are kinda meh…

I hope these aren’t the only islands from the original Pop that will be remade, because I seriously hope Counterfeit makes it on. And I hope GHD doesn’t.

My Final Thoughts (as of 2/7/2017)

I mean, I’m still pretty worried I won’t end up liking Pop Worlds. Because you want to know what really decides that for me? Not the customization, not the graphics, not the multiplayer. The actual storyline. There is apparently going to be a plot connecting all the islands in Worlds, but other than that, we know nothing. And that’s why I’m so scared. If this new story turns out being kinda cliche and dull, I will surely lose interest in the game.

I’m still gonna give Worlds a chance though. I’m going to play it all the way through once it releases, and then make the decision on whether I like it or not. But I’m not going to get my hopes up just yet either.

-Tall Cactus

PS- Is it just me or does Oliver and that girl in the graphic look like they’re from ODI (Our Discovery Island)…? No, just me? Ok then.





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