Theory Thursdays: Are Worlds Alternate Universes?

This will be quite a short theory post…


Late on Friday night, I was just lying in bed on my phone, per usual. That’s when an idea struck me, and this thought is what today’s little theory is based on.

What if the worlds in Pop Worlds are actually alternate universes?

You may be a tad confused, so let me just mention something. I remember Skinny Moon saying that “you’ll have a complete different experience/story than your friends” or something like that back when Pop Worlds was still just the New Pop. I tried to find where she said that, but I couldn’t. I swear she said something like that though.

That being said, the different experiences thing may mean that there are different choices and endings for each quest. Aka alternate universes for each player. But what if each island/world is its own alternate universe? And that all these parallel universes are what makes up Poptropica, connecting the islands/worlds in a way that has never been done before, just like Skinny Moon once said. As for what these worlds are alternate to, it may just be Earth, the real world.

So yeah, at this point the worlds could either be island replacements, alternate universes, or Realms.

But here’s the thing: Realms themselves may be alternate universes.


Tall Cactus

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