Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 3)

Before we begin, I just wanted to mention that this will be a summary. Look, I know I said Episode 3 would be an actual script because it is quite an important episode, but I just couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t figure out what the characters should say. And I’m sorry. Anyways, enjoy…

S1E3 – The Heroes of Poptropica (SUMMARY)

The episode begins where the second episode left off: Piper entering the old part of Early Poptropica. There she finds those pixelated pilgrims who lost all their stuff. They ask her for help, of course, and she agrees to find their missing objects. It is heavily implied that Dr. Hare was the thief.

So a montage is shown of Piper retrieving all the items around the island, basically the plot of Early Poptropica in the game. Once she returns all the objects, a pilgrim gives her another medallion? Piper begins to wonder if a different medallion than her own could get her home…

Piper finally returns to Jack’s house at sunset. Piper is scared that his parents will be mad at her for getting home so late, but it turns out she was only gone for an hour or so, and Edward isn’t even home. Piper asks where he is, and it turns out he’s on an emergency work trip. Piper then decides to explain what happened to Amelia and Jack, and she shows them the second medallion. They say nothing.

Piper was really confused on why they weren’t responding, but then she remembered that she forgot to tell Amelia about Dr. Hare and his minions. Jack glanced an angry look at her. Piper became even more confused…

Amelia finally responds. She goes on to explain how Poptropica has been plagued with villains for most of its history, and how heroes have always stopped them before the worst happens. But an ancient prophecy stated that one day a villain would win. The heroes’ goal is to try to postpone this from happening, for as long as possible.

Amelia goes on to say that Piper could be one of these heroes herself, as only true heroes can receive medallions for what they do. Piper says that what she did wasn’t even that significant, and Jack is just standing there. Amelia tells the kids to follow her, and she leads them to a little shed in the backyard. A yellow striped blimp is inside.

Amelia tells them that the majority of these heroes are also explorers, and that she is an explorer herself. She also mentions that Dr. Hare could be heading anywhere. Piper decides that they should try to find and catch him before he causes mayhem to any other islands.

The episode ends with Amelia, Piper, and Jack flying away in the blimp the next day…

The summaries for Episodes 4, 5, and 6 will be released next week!

-Tall Cactus


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