Theory Thursdays: The Mysterious Backpack

Hey guys, welcome back to Theory Thursdays, which includes the actual logo for the series this time!


Ta da!!! …

Anyways, today’s theory is a tad different from the rest. You’ll understand why, just read on…

So you know how your inventory is represented by that backpack symbol? This basically implies that all the items you collect on your adventures are stored in a backpack.

But wait, if you include all the items from the islands AND the store, that’s quite a large number of physical objects to fit into one little backpack.  Probably a few hundred too many.

Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous. How do so many things fit in that backpack?!

I think I have an answer.

Not many people have mentioned this, but you gotta remember that all the items in Poptropica are actually on cards. I’m not really sure how a picture on a card can be transferred into a 3D figure and vice versa, but this still can explain why you can fit so many objects into that backpack.

If all the items are stored onto cards, probably about the size as Pokemon cards, it would most likely be possible to fit all of them into an average sized backpack.

So yeah, that’s all I have for today’s theory. I know it was on the shorter size, but really, what else can I explain? Anyways, there will be a much longer, detailed post for next week’s Theory Thursday. See ya then!

-Tall Cactus





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