Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 4, 5, 6)

Here ya go!

Episode 4 Summary

Based off Shark Tooth Island.

Basically this episode begins where Episode 3 left off: Amelia, Piper, and Jack flying in the blimp. They land on Shark Tooth Island where Dr. Hare may be. The majority of the episode is just the plot of Shark Tooth Island, but better. Also there’s a surfing scene. Dr. Hare turns out to have already left the island, and it is revealed that Piper has never learned to swim. She learns how to by the end of the episode, though.

Episode 5 Summary

Based off Super Power Island.

A few days to a week or so after the events of Episode 4, Jack and Piper are watching the news when Edward comes home from his work trip. But right when they go to say hi to him, the Breaking News music comes on. Apparently a meteoroid has just hit a city on an island not very far away. It hit a prison, of course, and all the criminals gained superpowers from it and escaped.

Piper and Jack quickly head to the scene, and the events of Super Power Island unfold. Towards the end, Piper gets flying powers so she can defeat Betty Jetty. But they soon wear off, and she’s not very happy. However, Piper soon remembers that she has a jetpack from when she found the pilgrims’ stuff in Early Poptropica, and she has a blimp, so she doesn’t need super powers to fly.

But before they leave the island, they see Dr. Hare. Piper and Jack question him and ask if he caused the meteorite, but he swears that he didn’t. He then leaves the scene before the local police can arrest him. Did someone else cause the meteorite, or was it just nature?

Episode 6 Summary

Look, I never planned this episode. However, it would probably just be another episode based on an island, or one happening at school. Nothing too important plot-wise…

Next Sunday: Episode 7, probably in transcript format!

-Tall Cactus


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