Fear and Uncertainty :/

This morning, Happy Lobster was told about and posted about some new pics on the Pop app’s description…and they may just be from Worlds.

(Link to the PHB post: https://poptropicahelp.net/2017/02/22/poptropica-worlds-picture-previews/)

Of course, they may not be, as I explained in a comment on that post. But the art style used in the promo pics is almost definitely the one being used in Worlds, and it’s making me feel a little uneasy…

Look, here’s the thing. I’m very, very worried. I’m sorry Creators but I seriously dislike those pics! It’s most likely just that art style I just mentioned. Either way, I’m just so scared that I won’t like Pop Worlds. And if I don’t like Worlds, I’ll probably lose interest in Poptropica altogether – this includes my blog. But I don’t want to quit!

And if I do end up quitting, just know that I will end the TCPB’s history on a high note. Maybe even have one last party. Also, I won’t delete the blog, I just would stop posting on it. Let’s not think about this stuff right now though…

Back to the art style. As many people were mentioning in the comment section of HL’s post, it’s way too shiny and attention-grabbing. I have to agree. It’s kinda childish…which also makes me very worried. I get really embarrassed about Pop sometimes because it’s meant for younger kids and I’m a teenager, and this new art style sure isn’t helping.

Anyways, if one of you Creators are reading this, I want to ask you a favor: please give us more news on Worlds. The uncertainty of Worlds’ features and the game itself is what’s probably causing most of my worries. If we knew more, I can bet that I wouldn’t be nearly as scared, as I would know more on what to expect. I know you probably want it to be a surprise, but I don’t think that’s the best way to go with this.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. Feel free to leave any advice in the comment section, it would mean a lot.

And Creators, I’m sorry. I kinda feel guilty for saying these negative things about your game that hasn’t even released yet. I know how hard you’re working on this new generation of Pop, it’s just that…sigh.

-Tall Cactus


7 thoughts on “Fear and Uncertainty :/

  1. Well heres the thing, it is a good thing like the Poptropica creators post alot of sneak peaks on Poptropica worlds because it would be people more like yes this is coming and all that. It can kinda be bad if they show most of poptropica worlds because once it comes out it is less fun to play becuase we know most of the features.


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