Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 7)

S1E7 – Waterpark Extreme

Based off of some island concept, Water Thrill Island or something, that there is only one picture. Spoiler: this island never became a thing and this episode is probably nothing like this waterpark island was going to be.

Piper and Jack are just playing some video games one Saturday afternoon when Amelia and Edward burst into the room. They tell the teens that the local waterpark is closing down and today is the last day it’s open, so they should go. It’s unusually hot outside that spring day, too.

When they get to the waterpark, Water Thrill, they realize the real reason it’s shutting down: It’s way too dangerous. A bunch of people with casts and bandages are walking out of the park when Piper, Jack, and Jack’s parents are walking in. Jack tries to tell them they should go home, but Piper doesn’t care. She begins going on some of the slides while Jack and his fam stay behind. But Piper doesn’t get hurt on any of the rides…

An hour or so later Piper convinces Jack to come in the wave pool with her. But when they walk over to it, they see Dr. Hare there, OF COURSE. He’s using this weird device to make the waves so high that they fling people in to the air – that’s what’s causing all the injuries. Piper questions Hare on why he’s doing this, and he says he’s bored. His real plan can’t be carried out yet, supposedly. Then he says he’s getting bored with this too and he leaves. Piper once again missed her chance to capture him…

They later learn that Water Thrill is closing so a NEW park can be built. Let’s just say, Piper and Jack are somewhat annoyed at that cliche ending, and about all the Dr. Hare stuff, and that this new park won’t be finished for three years.

Yeah these episodes are not that great but trust me, they’ll get good soon. The first episodes of most awesome cartoons are kind of filler-y like this but they eventually turn around for the better. 

-Tall Cactus


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