Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 9)

S1E9 – Adventures in Space Exploration: Part 1

Based off of Astro Knights Island.

Piper and Jack are riding their blimp around when they accidentally go off course and land in the Kingdom of Arturus. Though it seems to be stuck in medieval times, it’s actually has some of the most advanced technology in Poptropica, and it’s pretty much common knowledge.

Other islands can’t have access to their technology, however, because they put a strict copyright on everything and the people of the small kingdom want to keep their inventions theirs. Jack goes on to explain that the people of Arturus just choose to live this way and they do know about modern times. They just don’t interact with people from other islands much, to keep their unique culture alive.

Jack and Piper soon find that the island is in complete panic: there was an invasion from space. Thus the plot of Astro Knights begins. Piper and Jack explore the kingdom; learn about Mordred and find that secret organization that worships him; etc. Also the king asks them to find Princess Elyana, who was kidnapped. Piper makes a quick joke about hoe cliche that is, but then she joins Jack in trying to help. Piper eventually finds a UFO that she just so happens to have the power source for (she accidentally picked it up earlier in the episode). And just like that, she’s on Pewter Moon…Poptropica is a planet?!

-Tall Cactus


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