Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 10)

S1E10 – Adventures in Space Exploration: Part 2

Based on Astro Knights Island.

The episode begins right where the previous left off: Piper crash landing on Pewter Moon. More of Astro Knight’s plot happens, and eventually, Piper makes it to Binary Bard’s castle, which seems to be in another dimension. That whole puzzle thing happens and the scene with Binary Bard somehow becoming the princess for a few minutes, yeah, you know the plot.

After Piper defeats Binary Bard with the help of Merlin, that robotic owl, Binary Bard admits that he sort of caused that meteorite from the Super Power episode, among other things. It’s quite an emotional scene actually. Piper realizes how depressed he is…but she must go home. Binary Bard is trapped in his castle, and Piper returns to Arturus with Princess Elyana and that orb. Elyana actually turns out to be independent and even a tad sassy, unlike those other princesses.

Yet nothing will quite be the same again, now that she knows Poptropica is an actual planet and not an island chain. Anyways, when she gets back, she realizes how long she was gone for: a week. Thankfully Jack and his parents are waiting for her, and are so relieved she’s okay.

-Tall Cactus


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