Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 12)

S1E12 – Counterfeit Art

Based on Counterfeit Island

One sunny day, Amelia and Edward decide to take Piper and Jack to see an art museum on an island not very far away. After a while Piper and Jack get bored so they go explore the town. This shady dude comes and tells them there’s an art theft being planned by someone named Black Widow, and he leaves. The teens decide to try to stop the theft before it happens, but they end up getting “caught” stealing the paining instead. They get released, though.

(Insert more of the Counterfeit Island plot here.)

They return to Early Poptropica, specifically the local art museum there, which isn’t very popular. They drop Jack’s parents off there, too. Blah blah blah more plot from Counterfeit Island, they eventually find Black Widow’s lair. And Black Widow turns out to be “Bethany Wendy.”

Black Widow was apparently really getting sick of Dr. Hare and his stupid decisions, and she never really wanted to control Poptropica, she just wants money, so she quit his villain team, hiring some minions of her own. Dr. Hare tried to put one of those mind control helmets on her but failed. David Dangerous left too and became the director of his own organization. As for that Raven person, he mysteriously vanished one day. And that shady dude? He helped Black Widow, but now he regrets what he did and wants to help Piper and Jack.

After all of that is revealed, the three of them defeat Black Widow and save a good amount of the art she stole – not all of it, though. And in her rage and hatred for Dr. Hare, BW reveals where his secret lair is: 24 Carrot Island.

BW is later arrested and put in jail, and Piper and Jack receive another medallion. Oh wait, I forgot to mention. They receive medallions each time they save an island, and Piper tries to see if one of these medallions will take her home, but it never works. Piper and Jack quickly head to 24 Carrot Island on the blimp, using the map they have (I forgot to mention Amelia has a map…)

-Tall Cactus


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