Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 13)

S1E13 – Dr. Hare’s Secret lair

Based on 24 Carrot Island

Piper and Jack arrive on 24 Carrot Island to find it in ruins…

(Insert 24 Carrot plot here, sorry, I’m rather lazy.)

Piper and Jack find Zoey, along with a bunch of other mind controlled kids in the factory. They are able to turn off the machines, and Zoey is back to normal. Eventually they reach where Dr. Hare is…and they find his Rabbot. His huge plan is to launch it into space and mind control all of Poptropica so he can rule the planet. He enters the spaceship thing and tells Zoey to launch it (they’re still wearing helmets that are turned off, Piper and Jack included.) Zoey does what is said, but Piper quickly touches a button that throws the Rabbot off course and crashes it into an asteroid. And just like that, Dr. Hare is lost in space. Who knows what will happen to him? (Jack makes a joke about running away from your problems at this part too.)

Piper and Jack return to Early Poptropica with Zoey. They try to figure out where she lives so they can take her home, but she goes on to explain that she doesn’t know where her dad went. He was in Early Pop just a few weeks ago, but now he’s gone? They then try to ask her if she has a mom, but apparently her mom died when she was a baby. So Zoey will stay with then until she can figure out what happened…

-Tall Cactus


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