Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episodes 14 + 15)

S1E14 – Poptropolis Rising

One day, it is suddenly announced that Poptropolis – the ancient capital of Poptropica – has risen, like it does every 100 years. Of course, Piper is very confused. Jack and his parents go on to explain that the ancient Poptropicans were split up into eight different tribes, and always fighting among each other for islands and goods. But eventually, they decided to stop the violence and become one nation. Poptropolis was made as its capital, and they started having sporting competitions every 10 years to celebrate Poptropica’s newfound peace. However, when Poptropolis sunk for the first time by causes unknown, the surviving Poptropicans went their separate ways, on many different islands, many of which still exist today. But after many centuries, they eventually reunited. When they realized Poptropolis rises up back from the sea every hundred years, they started the tradition of the Poptropolis Games once again. And this time, there’s modern technology, so people can watch from their televisions or computers or smartphones or whatever device they wish to use.

But even though they could easily just watch the sporting events from their TV, Piper, Jack, and Amelia decide to go see it live. Zoey and Edward decide to stay home because Zoey doesn’t feel like going and Edward is busy with work, per usual.

On Poptropolis, there are tons of people there, but not as many as in previous years due to the whole modern technology thing. Piper is shocked to find that there is only one athlete for each “tribe” (the names were edited to sound more modern, and because the ancient names of these tribes are unknown) and that they can do all the events with ease. Sadly, Piper isn’t allowed to compete, nor is Jack, unlike the island from the game.

Piper and Jack decide to explore the islands’ ruins when they get bored of the sports. They find all these statues and pottery and that sort of stuff, and then they come across this temple with statues of gods in it and stuff. Jack is just about to explain something to Piper when they notice a medallion on the ground…

Just then, the ghost of the first champion of the games appears. (Ghosts are real in pop too? There’s even a whole episode on them in Season 2…) He’s not very happy. And then the other eight competitors run to the scene. One of them suggests that the person who can grab the medallion first is the true champion of the games. You see, they couldn’t award the winner, a 20-something year old dude representing Wildfire, because someone misplaced the gold medallion.

So they all start running towards the center of the temple, and just as the ancient warrior dude teleports to the center but is unable to pick it up due to being a ghost, the island starts to sink, and the medallion is lost in the rising waters. Everyone makes it off the island just in time, and they realize that winning isn’t the most important thing in life…

That sounded super rushed because that’s actually how it would feel like in the actual episode. 

(PS- the Master of Ceremonies is revealed to be the President of Poptropica, Paul Tropica, dressed in a tunic. He will become a rather important character later on in the series…)

S1E15 – ???

Once again, I never got around to planning this episode…

-Tall Cactus 


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