Poptropica Worlds May Be Releasing Later Than We Think…

Hey guys, TC here. While it’s not Thursday, I just wanted to share this little theory I came up with today…

You see, a few hours ago I was just checking the Creators’ Twitter, just like I do multiple times a day, when I saw this:


I think it’s safe to assume Wimpy Boardwalk will be an April Island of the Month, if that’s the case.


Wimpy Kid Month? IOTM? April?

Is it just me or is Poptropica Worlds not coming out in April either? Like, why would they do Wimpy Kid celebrations on Worlds, the game probably won’t have the Wimpy Kid islands when it releases, and the way SM said it…

I don’t know, I’m starting to feel as if Worlds isn’t coming out in March or April. We would have gotten more sneak peaks by now, at the very least.

I honestly won’t be surprised if Worlds comes out in May. In fact, I’d actually prefer that it comes out later, for many reasons.

Yet, maybe it could come out even later than that…


If Worlds comes out at the beginning of SUMMER break, I’ll be so freaking happy.

Tall Cactus


8 thoughts on “Poptropica Worlds May Be Releasing Later Than We Think…

  1. I remember I checked Poptropicas tiwwer and i was also like Dang it Poptropica worlds is not coming out in april! Then you made this post and i was like ohh I hope Poptropica worlds comes out in summer oh its going to be so great!


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