The 2017 TCPB Spring Survey Results / Official Design of the New Poptropicans REVEALED

Today is the day. Thursday the 9th of March in the year 2017 AD. You know what that means: the survey results! Here ya go…


I’d like to thank everyone who answered the poll, but before I move on to the next part of this post, I’d like to mention a few things….

  • There won’t be an update post on Monday, because I’m listing the updates right here, right now. Well, kinda.
  • Again, the last 5 episodes of Pop TV Season 1 will be transcripts. I only have one of them done so far, but I hope to finish the rest in the coming weeks to get them all out before March ends. They do release during Spring Break, so I’ll be fine.
  • The reason I’ve been doing summaries is so I can get all the Season 1 episodes out before March ends. I don’t want Worlds to ruin them, and I’m 99% sure the game won’t be releasing this month. If I had more time, I would have done more episodes in transcript format.
  • If I ever do a Season 2 of Pop TV, which wouldn’t be till the summer probably, most of the episodes will be in transcript format.
  • I have a theory post planned for next week, the 3/16. That being said, Theory Thursdays will be biweekly for a little while.
  • I’m not really sure what to do about Popular Opinions right now. There won’t be one tomorrow, since I’ll be on vacation, but for the following Fridays, we’ll have to see.
  • There will be a 2-week warning before I officially quit, if I quit.
  • Original Pop VS Pop Worlds will be the next new weekly series on TCPB, starting whenever Worlds comes out, and if I don’t quit, will be replacing Pop TV until Season 2 comes out in the summer.
  • I hate GHD because…play the island and you’ll understand.
  • I’m 13, lol.
  • TCPB will stay my personal blog, which means no other authors. Feel free to send in a guest post if you want though, just message me on Discord. I haven’t checked my Pop email in like over 6 months…
  • Thank you guys so much!

In other news, a very interesting Creators’ Blog post released yesterday evening. You know  which one I’m talking about, don’t you?


Yup, it’s official now. Above is the brand new design of Poptropicans, which should be featured in the upcoming Poptropica Worlds, whenever that comes out. And to be honest, the new design isn’t that bad. I was really worried when this post was announced a couple hours before it was published, and let’s just say, my expectations were pretty low, because of those app preview pics and stuff like that. But when I saw the post, I realized this new design is actually pretty good. Well, the eyes could use some fixing up. A lot of fixing up.

Overall I give the new Poptropican design somewhere between 6.5/10 and 8.5/10 stars.

-Tall Cactus

PS: NO NECKS! Yes, I repeat, NO NECKS!

PPS: I guess Mya and Oliver will be in Worlds, lol. Not much of a surprise, though.


8 thoughts on “The 2017 TCPB Spring Survey Results / Official Design of the New Poptropicans REVEALED

  1. I am the one who suggested to do a feature friday, I am also the one who also said to not hire more authors because most of the time they will not post. Ir they post they will post really boring stuff because its not truly there blog. And I am also the one who said you should do more top 10s and theories.


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