Playing Snowpocalypse on a Snow Day

Yep, you read the title correctly. I finally got a chance to play that new mini game, Snowpocalypse, during an ACTUAL Snowpocalypse…a literal blizzard, in mid-MARCH.  Anyways, this is a review, not a weather report, so here are my thoughts on the game…

It was okay. Not bad, but not great either. It’s fun to play and all, and I like how they included most of the Pop villains, not just the popular ones, yet, I don’t know, it could have been better. They probably weren’t given much time to work on it though, with Worlds and everything, so you can’t blame them.

I give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

In case you’re wondering, I gained 16 points on my first try and 22 on my second. But on my third try, aka my last try cause I’m lazy, I ended up with 72 points, my current high score. Guess I’m improving, lol.

But remember, winter sure isn’t over yet. It’s not spring, and it’s not time for Worlds. The time will come soon. Not now, not today, not tomorrow, not next week or even this month, but soon.

-Tall Cactus

PS: Happy Pi Day!


Sorry, I just had to…


5 thoughts on “Playing Snowpocalypse on a Snow Day

  1. I wish characters like Count Bram, Booted Bandit, Octavian, Queen Dagger, Ringmaster Raven, Sir Rebral, *lists every Poptropica villain who wasn’t in the game*, and… uh… SKINNY MOON were in the game.


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