My Voice

Last night, Perfect Sky published a very important post: The Post of Change. You should really go check it out if you haven’t already, I completely agree with it…

Oh wait, I mean “Call for Change: The PHB is not the only voice!”

Yeah, the entire post was edited by Slanted Fish, most likely. Which kinda ruins the entire purpose of PS’s amazing post: having your own voice. If Fishy just edits everything, she’s taking the true voices away from the authors she hired!

If you’re reading this Fishy, I’m not trying to offend you. I just really think you should stop editing other people’s posts without their permission. Like, seriously.

But anyway, there’s something else I want to discuss in this post. Negative opinions. You see, people are too scared to share their real feelings on anything Pop-related in this community. The PHB for example, every opinion mentioned on it is positive! I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it’s kinda obvious that maybe the authors don’t feel that way. Maybe they just don’t want to make anyone upset, or maybe their true opinions just keep getting edited out…okay, I’ll stop with that now.

But like, remember that post where I reacted to those Poptropica teaching guides? With all my sarcastic humor and what not? Well, it was originally going to be a PHB guest post. But it was rejected because it was too negative!

Poptropica is not a perfect game. I’m pretty sure there are so many games that are better than Pop, I just happen to be obsessed with this game out of thousands.  Still, Pop could use a lot of improving. Don’t just share what you like about the game, share what you don’t like. What you wish could change. Who knows, maybe the Creators will see your posts and try to fix these flaws.

So from now on, I’m not hiding my true feelings from you. I’m sharing my own voice. Right here on TCPB. Because that’s what blogs are for: sharing your opinions with the world.

The same goes for any of you reading this post. Don’t let other people silence the voice that is yours and yours only. Let’s work together to fix this community, once and for all.


Tall Cactus


4 thoughts on “My Voice

  1. Well I asked skinny moon on the last time she came and i asked this “why was the map removed” skinny moon said it might of just been some technical issues I am not to sure …….. then I asked “why was the home page removed now people can’t have quizzes”! Skinny moon said Again I really do not know maybe just some technical issuses……. Wow skinny moon wow! No good answers on why you removed such good features! Kinda makes me think what is going on at the Poptropica Headqutars


  2. Man I remember this time in the Poptropica community where Tall Cactus would try and fix the Poptropica community by making the other Poptropica blogs noticed. I remember how fun it was for me to try and promote smaller Poptorpica blogs. But sadly it never happened. The Poptropica Help Blog is still the main Poptropica blog and other Poptropica blogs are not getting noticed too much. It is sad to see that this period in the Poptropica community was completely forgotten and I bet I am the only one in this poptropica community who still rememebers this.


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