Theory Thursdays: Is Your Poptropican, A Robot?

Hey guys, welcome to another Theory Thursdays, right here on TCPB!


Today I present you with quite a crazy theory. What if your Poptropican is actually a robot? Yup, your precious Poptropica avatar may just be one of the Roubtts. Before you fall out of the very chair you’re sitting in from shock, let me explain.

Exhibit A – No Parents?

When you first create a Poptropican, they come out of a box. Yes, a box. No parents, no family at all. Was your Poptropican made in a factory of some sort and shipped in that box? Also, the names you get are quite odd, to say they least. Definitely not human names.

Exhibit B – The Hair and Skin Color Changer Thing

Your Poptropican can literally change their skin and hair color using a machine. It only takes a few seconds and it’s not tattooing….does your Poptropican even have real skin?

Exhibit C – No Fall Damage?

Whenever your Poptropican jumps off of tall buildings and stuff like that, they don’t die, let alone get injured. When they go to those planets in Astro Knights, they don’t need a space suit and only get too cold or too hot when they jump into the Ice Planet’s water or the Fire Planet’s lava. If my iPhone gets ruined in extreme temperates, I’m sure a robot would, too. It’s kinda odd how they can swim just fine though…maybe they’re water proof?

Exhibit D – The Store’s Robot Costumes

Those robot costumes probably don’t mean anything, but still, you never know.

Exhibit E – Dialogue 

Everything your Poptropican says is in those three thought bubbles, as if they were programmed to say those things and those things only. Your Poptropican doesn’t really have much of a personality in the game, other than being all heroic, now that I think about it. They also trust literally everyone they meet. I’m pretty sure most humans have a little doubt when talking to strangers. Again, most.

Anddddd that’s all the evidence I can come up with at the moment.


Before I go, let me just put this question out there: What if your Poptropican was created by Poptropica’s government to save Poptropica from all those villains? If you think of it that way, things make much more sense. Like, you may just seem to be a kid so people won’t think you’re a real threat.

And yes, there are some islands that disprove this theory, Survival and Game Show Island being two of the biggest. Also your Poptropican can die from the lack of oxygen, etc., in newer islands. Now that I think about it, this theory probably isn’t true at all, but it’s still fun to think about.

Or in the newer islands your Poptropican begins to think they’re a human, I doubt it though.

Spoiler: Piper from Pop TV isn’t a robot. Some robots may just appear in the series, though. But no Robutts, as Robert doesn’t exist in the Pop TV universe. Sorry.

-Tall Cactus


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