The Skinny Moon Theory: It’s Not Her Fault

Hey guys. Yep, you read the title correctly, there’s a theory being posted on a Tuesday and not the usual Thursday. But, this theory is different. It revolves about Poptropica’s community manager, Skinny Moon, and not a fictional character from the game itself. However, before I get into that, I have another little theory I want to discuss quickly.

So, Skinny Moon came on Discord again a couple hours ago, and held another Q&A session. Me being the impatient person I am, I asked her when we are getting more info on Worlds. This is what she said…


This message may just be the thing that will let us know when Worlds is coming out, not just another post on it. You see, it seems as if Worlds sneak peak/news posts are being posted about once a month now. The Worlds announcement released on January 11th, the FAQ post came out on February 7th, and the avatar sneak peak was published on March 8th. That being said, if there are only going to be 2 or 3 more of these posts, that means Worlds is probably releasing in May or even early June. Just like I had hoped. 😀

Okay, back to the main theory of this post. Even earlier today, Skinny Moon posted this on the Creators’ Tumblr page:


Hmm, her Poptropican in this pic looks different, shinier. But not exactly like Worlds, lol.

The post was really good and much needed, actually. I especially liked the parts where she said that writing shorter posts is fine and that news isn’t the only thing to post about, those two parts really made me happy, lol. There’s just two things wrong with it… 1. Why it wasn’t posted on the actual Creators’ Blog and 2. How she didn’t mention that she can’t promote negative posts. These two points may be connected actually, I’ll get to that in a minute.

I asked SM about why she only posted it on Tumblr when she was on Discord, and she basically said that the Creators’ Post wasn’t the right place for it, and that it wasn’t meant for most players of Pop. I mean, that may just be the case, you never know, but something just feels off about it.

Is it just me, or is someone telling her that she can’t post things like that where everyone can see them? That she can’t give us any info on Worlds? That she can’t promote negative blog posts and that she can’t be negative herself? That it’s not her fault?

I used to get really annoyed at SM and her being positive 24/7. But today, that changed. I finally realize that SM is honestly a good, nice person, and that she’s not the one who decides what she can or cannot post. Lately she has been promoting so many fan blogs, it’s been pretty great, kudos to her.

As for who this someone may be, I literally have no idea. But it’s almost certain to be another Creator. As for who this Creator may be, again, I have no idea whatsoever. The Creators are very mysterious, that’s for sure. I hope that, after Worlds comes out, we will learn more.


-Tall Cactus


9 thoughts on “The Skinny Moon Theory: It’s Not Her Fault

  1. Yeah I agree. She’s working for someone so she can’t make all the decisions, and who ever’s in charge is the one telling her what she can and cannot post


  2. She has definetely become more involved, and I would like to thank her for promoting my blog and others, as I have gotten 4 new followers when she first advertised my blog, which was about a week to two weeks ago! I think, that to a point, someone might tell her this, but also I think she doesn’t answer some questions she could answer to keep an element of surprise for the game, which I love!

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  3. Hi, TC! Awesome post! Poptropica Worlds is really closer than we know! 🙂

    Although, I might disagree with the fact that someone “in charge” is telling her of what to post on the blog. It is quite eccentric of the post being on Tumblr, but I do believe it is posted there, just like what SM said, is that it’s not aimed for all Poptropicans, don’t you think? Additionally, the post is kind of focused on us, Poptropica bloggers, as what the post implies.

    If someone would tell her that it’s not right to post is there, then why would it be on an official Poptropica page? Hmm? Well, this was a good discussion and a topic to be brought up. :)) Maybe we can ask her the next time she comes around? 😛


  4. Maybe you suck ask skinny moon why are you being so positive and so you release that SUIs islands are bad 🙂 its going to be funny what she says. Also one thing that might spark some people is I remember I asked skinny moon why was the map removed you know the one in non SUIs and she said its probability a technical issuse not too sure…….. Then I asked her why was the home page removed she said again might be some technical issuse sorry that i gave a boring answer but thats the truth. Is there anything thats really just iffy about this?


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