The Community Isn’t The Only Thing That Needs Saving: #SavePoptropica

Poptropica isn’t nearly as popular as it was back in 2010. The game itself is slowly dying, and it has been for quite a while now. Poptropica Worlds could help boost the franchise’s popularity, but now that Pop’s new generation probably won’t come out till May at least (check Tuesday’s post for my theory on that), we need to try to fix things as soon as possible. How? I’m happy to introduce #SavePoptropica!

Ok, so here’s what to do. Try to introduce Poptropica to some of your friends and family in real life. That’s it! If they like the game and continue playing, that’s great. If they don’t, don’t fret, as not everyone will like every game, and it’s fine if they have their own opinion.

It may seem like you’re not doing much, but remember, every player counts.

I would do the same but I’m too embarrassed to tell people at school-

And don’t worry, #SaveTheCommunity isn’t going anywhere. Get hyped for Small Blog Awareness Day, and my 2nd Pop Anniversary, this Saturday!

Who knows, maybe some of the people you introduce Pop to will join the community even.

Tall Cactus


4 thoughts on “The Community Isn’t The Only Thing That Needs Saving: #SavePoptropica

  1. I have a kinda dark theory about slanded fish. I remember in one of her posts called “Thoughts About Waiting For New Poptropica” She said Poptropica is not dying!!!!!!!!! WHEN YOU LOOK AT GOOGLE TRENDS ITS DYING Slanded fish stop trying to be so positive


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