Home Island Movie Theater: What Could This Mean?

An unexpected update came onto the big screen today…


Picture from: https://starnutoblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/24/movie-theatre/

Yep, there’s now a movie theater on Home Island. However, we can’t actually enter the darn thing yet, it’s “coming soon.” But whenever it opens, which will most likely be sometime next week, will this new building be another Photo Booth or something with much more meaning. Let’s look at some of the possibilities…

A Movie Maker / Photo Booth 2.0?

Basically, it would work like the Photo Booth, except you could make animations/movies with it.

Your Go-To Place For…Old Island Trailers?

This could just be a place where you can watch all the old island trailers if you’re too lazy to check YouTube.

The Return of Pop TV?

Am I the only one who remembers those Pop TV videos (not my fan fic) back from like 2015?

A Sneak Peak at Worlds?

By this I mean they could post any future trailers for it in the theater and stuff.

A Literal Poptropica Movie?

This could be hinting at an upcoming Poptropica movie, you never know.

Anyways, this movie theater could end up being a really cool edition to Home Island. But if I were you, I wouldn’t get my hopes up…


Tall Cactus


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