Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 22)

S1E22 – Octavian

Narrator: We now return to Plainville, the place Piper once called home. Only now, it’s finally spring…

It is seen raining outside the local middle school. Jorge is following Oliver down the hallway, much to his dismay. They kept walking until Oliver bumped into the history teacher right outside of her classroom. Jorge then bumped right into Oliver.

Oliver: Oh, uh, sorry Ms…

Teacher: It’s Mrs. now.

Oliver: I mean, sorry Mrs. S-

Teacher: It’s Mrs. Jackson now. I just got married this weekend!

Oliver: Congrats! But can I please go to class now?

Jorge: Yeah, congrats!

Mrs. Jackson: Well, my husband and I…we’re moving. To Florida.

Oliver: Florida? But you’re like, the only teacher I actually like…

Mrs. Jackson: The winters are absolutely terrible here, that’s why. 

Oliver: That explains it. But can’t you wait? The school year ends in a month and a half…

Mrs. Jackson: Bad timing, I know. And I’m sorry. There will be a replacement teacher for the rest of the year, and then the new, permanent teacher will come in next September. I just came in today to say goodbye.

By now the other kids in the class were surrounding them. Some began to cry a little. Mrs. Jackson was an amazing teacher. 

Jorge: Here, take my chocolate bar.

Mrs. Jackson: Oh, I’m allergic to milk. Sorry.

Jorge eats the chocolate bar.

Mrs. Jackson: I thought eating wasn’t allowed outside of lunch?

Jorge sheds tear and throws the chocolate out at the nearest trash can.

Mrs. Jackson: Anyways, goodbye. Feel free to enter the classroom a while, the teacher should be here any minute. I just wish Piper would have returned before I left…

Mrs. Jackson walks down the hall. The students walk into the classroom and sit down at their desks.

Girl #1: What even happened to Piper? Is she on a vacation?

Boy #1: Did she move?

Girl #2: Did she leave the school?

Boy #2: Was she kidnapped?

Girl #3: Did she, did she, die?

The classroom fills with silence. Jorge cries a little. He was her only real friend. Oliver sees how upset he is.

Oliver: Let’s just stop talking about this, I’m sure she’s fine! She has to be!

Boy #3: But where’s the teacher?

Just then, the door opens. A man walks in. The class stares as he hangs his jacket up and walks over to the teacher desk.

Jorge: Hi?!

Man: Oh, right, it’s time to begin class.

He walks to the front of the room. He has messy dark hair with a light blue shirt and a tie on.

Man: Sorry that I was a few minutes late, I was just busy with some things.

Girl: But like, who even are you?

Man: Just call me Octavian.

Girl: I thought we’re supposed to call teachers by their last name.

Octavian: Well, maybe I don’t want to be called by my last name.

The girl stopped talking.

Octavian: I’m not really sure how I should teach you, so I’ll just play a video…

He goes onto the computer a plays a video about….whatever kids learn in 8th grade. He starts writing something in a booklet while the video plays.

Oliver: What’s he even doing over there?

Jorge: Don’t ask me. *pulls out another chocolate bar and starts eating it*

Oliver: If only I had some binoculars or something, I could spy on him…

Jorge looks into his backpack and hands Oliver a pair of binoculars.

Jorge: Here you go!

Oliver: Maybe you’re not so bad after all…

Oliver puts the binoculars to his eyes and looks at where Octavian is sitting. In a first person point a view, Oliver sees a strange map, a golden watch thing, and finally his writing…

Octavian: Hey!

Oliver quickly looks away and hides the binoculars.

Octavian: What were you just doing, Mr.?

Oliver: Uh….

Octavian: If you spy on me again, you’re going to get in trouble.

Oliver: Then why do you have all that weird stuff? What’s that map even of? Let me see!

Oliver runs up to the desk and tries to take the map. Octavian pushes him away and he falls to the ground.

Oliver: What is wrong with you?! Are you even a teacher?!

Octavian: Say one more word and…

Oliver stops talking and walks back to his seat.

Jorge: Can I just ask you a question?

Octavian: Make it quick.

Jorge: Do you know who Piper Pearson is?

Octavian: I never heard that name in my life. Why are you asking me?

Jorge: I…I don’t know.

Jorge starts to cry a little. 

Oliver (to himself): What does having a real friend feel like?

After school, Oliver and Jorge get off of the bus, along with Mya. It had stopped raining. Also, Mya is a year older than the two boys, so she goes to the high school right next to the middle school.

Piper’s parents come outside to sit on the porch. They are emotionless, except for the fact that a tear is rolling down Piper’s mom’s face. Oliver sees them, and sheds a tear too. He walks up to them.

Oliver: Hey, look, I’m sorry about your daughter. But I’m sure she’s alright-

Piper’s Mom: The police don’t want to search for her anymore. they keep telling us she’s gone.

Oliver: Can I do anything to help?

Piper’s Dad: No.

Oliver: Oh…

Oliver walks away.

In Oliver and Mya’s house, Oliver decides to tell Mya about Octavian, and Piper, and everything.

Mya: So?

Oliver: Do you even care?

Mya: I only saw that girl like, once.

Oliver: Well, same, but we still should try to help find her! We can have Jorge help us! He knew her really well and…

Mya walks upstairs. 

Oliver: *sigh*



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