Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 23)

Before we get into the episode, I want to apologize. All 5 of these last episodes were going to be in transcript format but, I don’t know, I jut couldn’t get myself to do it. Also, there’s a thing called homework. So yeah, the remaining episodes will be summaries after all, but this time, they will be much more detailed and hopefully a little less cringey. However, I actually did write a script for Episode 26, the season finale. To be honest, it could’ve been better. There’s no point in editing it now, but maybe later…stay tuned. Anyways, here’s Episode 23!

S1E23 – Dr. Hare, in Space!

Based off of Legendary Swords (kinda)

The episode starts with Dr. Hare and his Rabbot crashing onto the Ice Planet. He starts exploring the planet to look for shelter when he sees a weird spaceship thing. He goes in it and eventually ends up on the planet from Legendary Swords, one never seen until now. He finds out some dude named E. Vile is planning to take over Poptropica using robots, which makes Dr. Hare mad because he wants to rule Pop himself, so he fights them off somehow. Yep, he accidentally became a hero. After defeating all the robots he goes back into the spaceship thing to get back to Poptropica itself, but it goes off course and hits that asteroid where the Crystal Gate is. Long story short, he ends up at Binary Bard’s fortress, where they meet and become roommates as they plan their next big attack…

Okay that wasn’t detailed at all but trust me, the summary for Episode 24 is.

-Tall Cactus


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