Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 24)

S1E24 – Reality TV (Summary :/)

Based off of Reality TV Island (duh)

One Saturday morning, Piper, Jack, and Zoey are watching TV in the living room. Piper, who has the remote, flips through a bunch of stations, including a commercial for the PopPhone 17, a travel ad for Shark Tooth Island, and a news segment on Balloon Boy. Piper makes a comment on why they never talk about her and Jack, since they’ve saved so many islands and all of that stuff. Jack tells Piper that most people don’t care about that stuff, and that they’d rather watch things like that overrated show, Reality TV Island. Piper obviously doesn’t know what it is, so Jack takes the remote and switches to a channel where it is playing. Piper says the name is really unoriginal, and Zoey leaves the room. Piper says that she probably just thinks the show is stupid, but Jack thinks there’s something more to it, even though he hates the show himself. Just then, the announcer on TV says that they are looking for contestants for the next season, and that anyone can enter. This season is special because the celebrity Bucky Lucas will be making appearances in some of the episodes. Jack tells Piper that Bucky became famous after being the first one voted OFF in the first ever season, which confuses Piper. Jack tells Piper that everything regarding celebrities is confusing, and that she shouldn’t want to be one. Still, Piper immediately announces that she wants to enter, and Jack and his parents can do nothing to stop her.

A week or so later, Piper gets a letter back from the show’s producers: she will be on the show. Because having a teenager compete against adults is good for the ratings, apparently. Just then, a helicopter comes to the house to pick her up. Everyone else says goodbye as she flies away for the first time without her blimp.

Then the show’s theme song plays as the contestants are shown one by one: Piper, Sarah Snooty, Ned Noodlehead, Grandma Gracey, Hip Hop, Betty Brownie, Magic Mervin, and Hippie Harry. The next 5-10 minutes of the episode consist of them competing in the events and voting each other off. Eventually, only Piper and Sarah Snooty are left, and the final event just has to be Geyser Guess. Piper somehow wins…

Sarah Snooty is really mad at Piper for winning at Geyser Guess. Guess she really wanted her dad to buy her another car. She thinks Piper cheated, even though the game was luck-based, so she calls her dad, and soon enough, he’s right there. His name is “Busy” Bob and apparently he was the winner of the first season of Reality TV Island. While he did earn a lot of money from his victory, aka how he can buy his daughter so much stuff, he didn’t get the fame that Bucky Lucas got, even though he was the real winner.

Bucky Lucas and the other show producers are about to award Piper when Jack, Jack’s parents, and Zoey appear, hopping off the blimp, to congratulate her in person. And that’s when Zoey calls Bucky Lucas “dad.” It’s quite an emotional scene as she finally reconnects with her father. It is revealed that they moved to Early Poptropica because the paparazzi wouldn’t stop stalking them. Before he can go into more details, Bob and Sarah walk over to Bucky, angry. They hop into one of the Reality TV helicopters, and Piper, Jack, Jack’s parents, Zoey, and Bucky all get into the blimp. A chase scene unfolds, but the blimp eventually escapes the helicopter. Busy Bob is later arrested for stealing it.

Back in Early Poptropica, Bucky says that he and Zoey are moving to escape the paparazzi. Before Piper can ask where, they’re gone. And now she’s scared she’ll become just like Bucky, famous with no privacy whatsoever. Piper lays in bed that night, not being able to sleep because she has so many thoughts because Zoey is gone. She sneaks downstairs to Jack’s dad’s office, a room she only just realized was there. There were a ton of books in there, but one of them catches her attention. She picks up the book, reads for a moment, then goes upstairs to tell Jack her plan…


-Tall Cactus


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