Poptropica Worlds Sneak Peak: What’s This?

It may not be the holiday season, but I just had to…

Hey guys. Sometime in the past hour or so, I’m not sure exactly when, another Worlds sneak peak was revealed! I’m honestly really surprised right now, as I thought we wouldn’t get any more till April. Anyways, here’s the rather mysterious picture…


But, what is this picture of exactly? We won’t know until Worlds comes out, but I notice a few things about it…

First of all, a lot of the items in there seem to be things you’d find on Astro Knights. Medieval themed, but if you look closely into the dark area, you’ll see a space ship thing hanging on the wall. The furniture is covered with animal fur…maybe relating to Survival Island? There’s also a cactus, which makes me happy.

But what could this all mean? Well, a while back, there was this Daily Pop sneak peak of a castle of some sort, I would find a pic of it but I’m lazy right now. But this particular castle had things from other islands outside of it. Maybe this could be that castle. Maybe this is the island that connects all of the other islands…

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is some secret base for a bunch of villains, Binary Bard and Myron van Buren most likely. Or it’s just a Poptropican’s house, I don’t know.

Tall Cactus


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