Poptropica: The TV Series (Season 1, Episode 26)

S1E26 – Answers (SEASON FINALE)

Students are seen walking into Early Poptropica Middle School one sunny morning. 

Narrator: It’s every kid’s biggest favorite day of the year: the last day of school, 7 hours of excitement for the summer break ahead. But for Piper, today won’t be all fun and games. It will be life changing…

Jack: Yes, yes, yes! It’s finally the last day of school. You know how much I hate school, right?

Piper: No?

Jack: You do now!

Piper: This has to be the most excited you’ve ever been…

Jack: Just wait until my birthday. Well, we’re at the school. We need to get ready…

Jack’s excitement suddenly dies down.

Piper: Uh, you okay?

Jack: I just remembered…it’s the 8th grade graduation ceremony today. This is going to be the most boring last day of school yet.

Piper: Maybe boring is a good thing every once in a while.

Jack: Yeah, you’re right…

A couple hours later, all the 8th grade students are wearing graduation gowns in the school’s auditorium and are lined up behind the curtain. Piper pulls the curtain away and peaks over to the audience. She sees Amelia and Edward waving.

The school’s principal walks on stage. He says some boring speech and then calls all the students by alphabetical order to receive their certificate that bascially confirms that they have completed middle school. When he gets to Jack’s name, Amelia and Edward cheer in the audience, and he smiles. 

He eventually gets through all the names, but one…

Piper: Um, why didn’t you call my name?!

Principal: I’m sorry Piper, but you did not reach the standards for completing 8th grade.

Piper: W-what?

Principal: Do you even realize how many days of school you’ve missed?

Piper: Oh…

Principal: Look, I’m sorry. I need to go back on stage to say a few more things, and then I can talk with you and your parents about it.

Piper runs out of the auditorium and through the hallway, crying. But when she gets to the principal’s office, she sees someone familiar standing outside. 

President Paul Tropica: Come on, he should be here any minute…oh, hello. Congrats on completing the 8th grade.

Piper: But I failed the grade! Wait, what are you even doing here?

President Paul Tropica: I have a meeting with the principal…please don’t ask questions, it’s confidential. Well, actually it has to do with the upcoming presidential election and some new curriculum plans regarding it.

Piper: But why didn’t you just call each other?

President Paul Tropica: I thought I told you not to ask questions…why are you even out here in the hallway though?

Piper: I told you, I failed. I got upset so I ran over here…

President Paul Tropica: Um, what’s this?

Piper: What’s what?

President Paul Tropica: The medallion you’re wearing…how did you get it…oh, oh no…

Piper: What?

President Paul Tropica: W-what’s your name…

Piper: Piper Pearson?

President Paul Tropica: And aren’t you the same person who’s been saving all those islands these past few months?

Piper: Yes?

President Paul Tropica: It must be you then, her daughter…

Piper: How do you know my mother? She doesn’t even live in this Poptropica place!

President Paul Tropica: Piper, that’s not your mother…

Piper: Of course she is! I know about my mother more than you do!

President Paul Tropica: They must not have told you yet…Piper, let me explain something…your mother, I knew her very well…

A flashback starts showing everything the President is saying. 

President Paul Tropica: We first met in high school, when I moved to Early Poptropica. Yep, I used to live here. But your mother, she was different than most teenagers. She never was into all that girly stuff, she was into exploration, adventure, even politics. I think she had a little crush on me, but I don’t know for certain. We eventually graduated, and I never saw her again for a long time…you okay?

Piper: Yes…

President Paul Tropica: Let me continue. One day, when I was a young man living in New Pop City, I saw her again. She was putting up posters, about how the islands should reunite and become one nation…

Piper: But they became united back when Poptropolis was still the capital!

President Paul Tropica: Yes, they did. However, they drifted apart again…the United Islands of Poptropica as we know it is only a couple decades old, not even. But I decided to help your mother. Long story short, we finally succeeded, and she became the first president. I became the first vice president. I began to like her again, and I tried to ask her on a date, but by then, it was too late. She was already engaged to your father…are you sure you’re okay? The next part greatly upsets me, and it may upset you too…

Piper: Please tell me.

President Paul Tropica: Well…they soon got married, and a few years after that, you were born. And a few months after that, they discovered something. A portal to other worlds, another universes, controlled by, I don’t know if I should tell you, but yes, it’s related to the medallion you are currently wearing. But they never returned from one of these universes. I was left in care of you. But, an accident happened…I don’t know, but you ended up getting stuck on Earth until recently, I assume. And then I became president. I never wanted to be…thankfully, the election is soon but…

The President and Piper cry for a couple minutes. 

Principal: Sorry, I’m here! Oh, this must not be a good time…should I come another time?

President Paul Tropica: Yes.

Principal: Okay then! But Piper, I realized that you’ve completed much more than just the 8th grade…

Piper: Seriously?

Principal: Well, you’ll have to get some tutoring to catch up next year in high school, but I have to say, you’ve accomplished more things than what I’ve done my entire life. Please take this certificate.

The principal hands the certificate to Piper, and she smiles for the first time in a week.

Later that day, Piper and Jack are at home.

Jack: So, what are we even gonna do this summer?

Piper: Save some more islands and then the world, like usual?

Jack: Yeah, I suppose.

Just then, the phone rings.

Jack: I’ll go get it!

He stands there for a moment as he listens to what is being said on the other line.

Jack: Oh my…

Piper: Is something wrong?

Jack: Of course not! This is great news!

Piper: What?!

Jack: Zoey just called. She’s inviting us to stay over at her dad’s new house in Bay City for the summer!

Piper: Bay City? What’s that?

Jack: Only the second biggest city in Poptropica, behind its current capital, New Pop City. But like, it’s really nice there.

Piper: Oh, cool!

Jack: Are you sure you want to go, though?

Piper: Of course I do!

Jack: Let’s go tell my parents, and then we have to pack…

Piper and Jack run upstairs.

Piper (whispering to herself): I’m just glad I finally have some answers. I can’t tell Jack yet, I can’t…

Piper cries a little but wipes the tears away.

Narrator: But what other secrets does Poptropica hold…?

A closeup of Piper’s medallion is seen before switching over to the special ending credits.

And, there you go! While the First Season of Pop TV is over, Season 2 will be coming out this summer if Worlds is good and I don’t quit blogging. I just want to thank you for making it through all those summaries, and I hope you enjoyed these last five episodes.

See ya soon!

-Tall Cactus


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