Artist Bias

While the PHB controlling everyone and everything in this community is certainly one of its biggest issues, there are some other problems I should adress, too. Bias when it comes to artists is just one of these smaller problems.

So, less than an hour ago I drew a picture of Blue Diamond, from my favorite cartoon at the moment, Steven Universe. As with all my artwork, I posted it on the art channel on the PHC. Only one person said they liked it…


The same thing happened a few days ago, too…


Yet, when other artists post their work, they get so much more praise for it!

Are you noticing what I’m noticing? It seems as if artists who are active on DeviantArt get much more praise for what they make. To be more specific, they are a group of friends who compliment each other’s artwork – and no one else’s.

Look, this really isn’t fair. Everyone should get an equal amount of praise for their hard work. They don’t have to be your friend, and they don’t have to be on dA. That’s favoritism, that’s bias, and that’s bad.

If you’re reading this, artists, please try to notice other people’s art more. Really, please. And no, I’m not saying that I hate your art, or that mine’s better than yours, or that you don’t deserve the praise you get. I’m just saying that other people should get the opportunity to see people enjoy their work, and not just you.

Tall Cactus 




6 thoughts on “Artist Bias

  1. [long but I’ve directed at myself and everyone]
    I think people think I’m weird because I like animal characters and I bet they’re thinking ‘oh she’s one of THOSE artists’. I’m really not, nor am I trying to be. Don’t presume please. And plus whenever I post my normal style of art there’s never good points it’s always criticism which I didn’t ask for in the first place. Which is why I rarely post
    But anyway if I’m ever on the PHC and I see work I’ll give it a thumbs up reaction just as a quick ‘hey I like this!’ because a simple thumbs up like that can bring smiles to a lot of faces, especially if you’re someone they look up to and admire. You don’t know who looks up to you!
    So everyone… Go on…. give em a thumbs up and maybe a comment and make their day, will you? It really isn’t that hard

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  2. Eh,how do I put this together?
    Tbh,I feel the same way,but I guess it’s mainly because I post art on the most strange times (bc timezones . _ . ) And hey i’ll admit it,i’m very good friends with DA artists (me being one as well) but that doesn’t mean I didn’t notice your artwork.I only post some artwork in the #art section or just compliment when I get the chance to.One probable cause is when all the artwork is posted,it’s late night for me (or morning) plus being flooded with 50+ messages (however,I try view them all)
    I guess that sums it all? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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