An anonymous glitcher messaged me on Disocrd the other day with some leaks from the upcoming Poptropica Worlds. I debated whether I should post them here or not, but I ultimately decided to go ahead and do it.

They’re pretty bad…






So, what can we learn from these interesting leaks? Well, it seems as if Home Island and 24 Carrot Island are returning, Balloon Boy is still alive and has shows, Worlds is actually a platformer game, and those testing Robutts actually do appear!

But wait, there’s more! The description for one of the new islands on Worlds has been leaked, too! Let’s take a look at it…

Dnalsi Island

Something weird is happening in Poptropica. Everything is becoming backwards and inverted and oh no every single villain has returned! Every villain has a twin that is the complete opposite of them except for the fact that these twins are evil too!!! Oh wait you realize that all these villains were brainwashed by Balloon Boy! Balloon Boy is finally back on the ground and he’s ready to get revenge for you causing him to be stuck flying in the sky in the first place. And not only that but they are getting ready to throw Planet Poptropica into the sun somehow and create new Worlds ruled by them! YOU GOTTA STOP THEM, RANDOM KID WHO IS TOO YOUNG TO BE DOING ANY OF THIS STUFF! Geez, where even are your parents…

Tall Cactus


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