How to get your blog noticed: TC Edition

Remember that post Skinny Moon released on her Tumblr a few weeks ago?

Yeah, that’s the one. (I suggest you read it again before continuing with this post.)

It was a good post, no doubt about that. Except for the fact that SM forgot to mention some pretty important tips. Here are 7 more ways to (and not to) get your blog posts noticed and even promoted by the Creators themselves.

1. Always be positive! The Creators never promote posts with even the slightest amount of negativity, about Pop itself or other people/blogs. I mean, yeah, it’s kinda annoying, but would you really want to bring negative attention to yourself or the game you work for? Didn’t think so.

2. News posts. While Skinny Moon did say to be unique in her post and I 100% agree with that, most of the posts she tweets about are in fact news posts. So if you want your blog to be promoted often, that’s always an option.

3. About fan fics… Pop fan fics are pretty dang awesome to say the least. Only, SM never ever tweets posts about them. Why? I have no clue. But if you want your stories to be promoted by the Creators, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

4. Make sure it’s actually about Pop! Yes, you may have a Poptropica blog, but I can’t be the only one who mentions other games and franchises sometimes. That being said, it’s common sense that the Poptropica Creators only promote things about the game they work for.

5. ???

6. ???

7. Other alternatives. If you still can’t get the Creators to notice your blog, you could always just advertise on Discord and other sites.

I hope these tips, along with the originals from Skinny Moon’s post, help you out on your blogging journey.

But as you may have noticed, I couldn’t figure out what to put for #5 and #6. The only reason I decided to do 7 tips is because that’s what SM did, lol. Anyways, I need your help! All you have to do is comment your ideas for what to put in the empty spots. When I get a tip I like, I’ll update the post with it and give you credit.

Well, that’s all for now, I’ll see ya soon.

Tall Cactus


4 thoughts on “How to get your blog noticed: TC Edition

  1. I like what you said about ”Being Positive”. I remember once reading your post about voicing our own opinion and how one of your PHB guest post was rejected because it was too negative.

    No game is perfect. They have their own flaws and faults. But, there’s a way to bring this to the attention of the creators in a good way. That is, of course, criticizing and pointing out the flaws. But, one thing is to be remembered is to not criticize it in a bad way nor being too negative. There’s a line between ”criticizing” and ”being too negative”.

    I think any creator would like to know their flaws so that they can improve the game in a better way, but don’t just go and be too negative. Criticize it, but in a good way. Point out the flaws in a detailed way and give proper reasons as to why there’s a fault in it. Point out the ups and downs and how it affects the game. You could also suggest some good alternatives. That is the sign of a good blogger.

    Put yourself in a creator’s shoes and imagine your fan posting a really negative feedback/post about your game/or any feature without properly analyzing the flaws in the game. I don’t think you would like it, right?

    And, just like you mentioned how your guest post got rejected because it was too negative. It was of course rejected because it was ”too negative”.

    If you read Slanted Fish’s post about the ‘Movie Theater”, you’ll notice that she did criticize it but later also pointed out it’s ups and downs too. What I like is that she brought out the flaws of the ”Movie Theater” without being ”too negative”. So, it became more fluent and easier to read.

    An excessive negative post is no better than a rant.

    And, sorry for this extremely long post of mine. I couldn’t help but post it.

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