The Once a Month Blues Are Coming True

Hey, Poptropicacti. If you read Friday’s Popular Opinions post, then you may remember how I breifly, but directly, mentioned that Blog Jog will now be a monthly series and that I would explain more soon. Well, that’s what today’s post is about.


You see, there are so many great blogs out there, yet if I made Blog Jog a weekly series I would run out of blogs to chose from very quickly. That’s why I decided to make it monthly. Starting on December 1st, I will be featuring a blog on the first day of the new month, and it’s gonna be great. Quality is better than quantity.

As for the current weekly series, Theory Thursdays, Spectaclular Sunday Surprises (SSS), and Popular Opinions, they will be staying for a while, and I won’t be starting any new ones until New Pop’s release and/or Pop TV’s return. (Pop TV could possibly be replacing SSS, yeah…)

Since we aren’t really getting much new content, there may be times where the series are the only posts during certain weeks. This blog may be a little boring right now, with the same schedule repeating itself over and over, and a ton of update posts like this one, but don’t worry, once New Pop releases, things will change. For the better.

I have a good feeling this dark period of no new islands is almost over. I mean, it’s been going on since Monkey Wrench released back in FEBRUARY, it can’t last much longer, right?

I’ll see you all on December 1st for the next Blog Jog! Peace.

-Tall Cactus 

PS- Happy Election Day to all you Americans out there. Oh no…


Blog Jog: Poptropica Skunk Blog!


Hey guys, just taking a water break from running up this steep hill. Thought it would be the perfect time to feature another blog, but I don’t have much time, so let’s begin.

Today’s featured blog is…

The Poptropica Skunk Blog!


Run by Shaky Skunk, along with many other awesome authors, including myself, the PSB was made just 2 days before mine, and it sure is amazing. So many creative posts and series, of past and present, fill the blog with total awesomeness. Just a few days ago Shaky announced Project Publish Poptropica, where she and anyone who wishes will be writing short books based on the islands. In fact, I’ll be writing the 24 Carrot one, wink.

There’s so many great things I want to tell you about the PSB, but I don’t have the time, I need to continue with this race. So don’t just stand there, go run over to Skunk and check it out for yourself, it’s worth a read.

-Tall Cactus 

Blog Jog: Poptropica Enthusiast!

Hey Poptropirunners, welcome back to Blog Jog! I know it hasn’t even been a week since we ran by the Poptropica Fandom, but I just had to give a shoutout to an amazing new blog as soon as possible.


Thanks for the logo, UiPE! 

As we approach the first mile mark, I have some good news for you guys. You may remember Mighty Gamer, an amazing blogger who sadly quit the community a couple months ago, cries.

But wipe those tears, as she has recently made one mighty return, with a new pen name, 3milyCx, and a brand new blog! This is the Poptropica Enthusiast, and it’s being featured in this here post.


Sure, right now there are only two posts or so, but trust me, PE (a shortened name for Poptropica Enthusiast, not stinky smelly gym class) is gonna get huge soon with creatime posts, a classic header, some new authors, and overrall awesomeness!

So go ahead and check out Poptropica Enthusiast, the link’s right here. I hope you stick around and give MG a warm welcome back to the Pop community.

And with that means I’m off once again. The next Blog Jog post won’t be for a couple weeks, however, since I just did two these past few days. Don’t worry though, I have a few other posts planned. Especially this Tuesday, it’s gonna be epic, just you wait and see…

-Tall Cactus

Blog Jog: The Poptropica Fandom!

Hey Poptropicacti, welcome to the Poptropica Community Marathon, you’re here just in time! The race is just beginning to find some amazing Pop blogs on this lovely jog of ours. Why waste any more time with these awkward intros when we should get going?




The first blog to be featured in Blog Jog is The Poptropica Fandom! (


It’s run by Bony Fox and Short Dolphin, and let’s just say, this blog is awesome and totally deserving of the first Blog Jog post. Even though it was only made on August 15th of this year, and yet there aren’t too many posts at the moment, the existing ones are very creative, detailed, and unique, three things that are a must for me. No ad posts here, hehe. They even have an art gallery. You know my profile pic? Well, that was drawn by Short Dolphin!

To wrap things up, The Poptropica Fandom has a lot of potential, so that’s why I ask that you give it a read, it’ll be worth it. Trust me, there is a reason this post was so short, I want you to explore the blogs I feature for yourself, not just reading a summary.

And now a new question lingers: which fan site will be next? Stayed tuned for the next Blog Jog post, so we can continue the race we’ve started.

-Tall Cactus