Why I Don’t Post About Ads (Or the App)

That moment when you realize that you said in your last post that you weren’t going to post again till next week… but then you post for the second time that same day.

TC logic, mind blown.

Hey guys, TC here for the second time today. I just wanted to make a quick post explaining something important, that being why I don’t nearly post about “news” as often as many other Poptropica bloggers do. We need to start on what my definition of Pop “news” even is.

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Not All Anniversaries Are Good

Once upon a time, there was a game called Poptropica. However, this game wasn’t like most virtual worlds for kids at the time, as most other games, such as Club Penguin, a paid membership was essential to have any fun playing. But Poptropica was different. All the islands, AKA the main part of the game, were free for everyone to play. Membership was just for more costumes and store items, bonus quests and sharing realms to the public, along with early access to any new islands that release. Yet everyone would get to play that new island eventually.

But on July 10th, 2015, that all changed. Seven islands became members’ only.

Screenshot 2016-07-10 at 1.22.34 PM.png

I was heartbroken at the news. I was trying to complete every single island, even though most of the islands that became restricted weren’t even that good. Sadly, didn’t have membership back then. I almost quit the game…forever.

That was one year ago today.

Hey, Poptropicans. As you saw above, today is a rather sad day. Thankfully, I didn’t end up quitting, I got membership in September, and I completed all the islands in November. However, I’m still a tiny bit mad at Poptropica for doing this. Not nearly as mad as last year, back when everyone was worrying that Pop was going to become like Club Penguin. It hasn’t…yet. I have no clue what membership on the New Pop will be like.

And in March, Red Dragon Island became open  to everyone again when it won March Madness.

Screenshot 2016-03-11 at 10.12.10 PM

They also opened Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Wimpy Kid ones for a limited time for special events. Heck, they even reopened Great Pumpkin in the fall for not only Halloween, but for the Peanuts movie. This just shows that things actually got better, not worse.

So this just shows that maybe the Creators realized how upset we were and they decided to fix it, even it was only a little.

Yet, I’m still upset about it. Why? Because new players will never get to see how Poptropica used to be. They will never know that those islands used to be open to everyone unless they check a fan blog, and even if they do that they may never stumble upon the PHB post from one year ago. And new players may never know what the map used to look like, and they may never know that some of the SUIs weren’t SUIs before. They may not even know what an SUI is! And later this year, new players may never even know that there used to be an Old Poptropica…

Also, what about those kids who want to play those islands and there parents won’t or can’t buy membership for them? So not fair!

Anyways, even though there are six members’ only islands instead of seven, it still is a bad anniversary, and it will remain like that as long as Pop still exists.

Don’t cry, though, as the long-awaited 24 Carrot Review should be out in a few hours. Oh, and there were some glitches in the Photo Booth, because I clicked through the characters too fast, that you can see and laugh at below ^^


It’s Omegon’s true identity!

Screenshot 2016-07-10 at 3.08.23 PM

And finally, doesn’t this cat look strange to you?

Screenshot 2016-07-10 at 2.19.53 PM

-Tall Cactus



Adventure Pig

Yeah, it seems like that app that was being made by StoryArc Media, Poptropica’s parent company, finally released to the States (it had already been released in Ireland or something) because:


I’m not going to judge the game yet, as I haven’t even played it, but I may eventually download it. If I do, then I’ll post a review of it on this here blog.

BTW, I think we can all agree that the one review on there was written by Skinny Moon, I mean, “copywriterjess.” Her real name is Jessica if you didn’t already know.

Screenshot 2016-07-10 at 2.13.48 AM.png

Sorry this post was so lame, I wrote it at 2 in the morning, so that’s why. Don’t judge, I just couldn’t fall asleep. Anyways, there are 2 other posts planned for today that will be way better. Bye for now!

-Tall Cactus

How to Survive the Lack of Pop News

Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t post again till Sunday because I am kinda sick, but now I feel a lot better, thank goodness!

Anyways, I was talking to fellow ECC author Shaky Skunk about how there hasn’t been any Pop news in a while and that sort of stuff, so I thought, why not make a post about it?

As you all know, I haven’t posted about news in two weeks or so. There just hasn’t been any AT ALL. That new schedule I made? I made it just so my blog would stay active. All those bloggers leaving and becoming less active? Many of them lost interest, there is just nothing new in sight. Well, there is Crisis Caverns, but that probably won’t come out for at least another month.

I’m 100% sure that the only reason this is happening is because the Creators are too busy with the New Pop. After it comes out this fall or winter, there should be a lot of new content again, as the New Pop is a different website, as it is a huge update to the Current Pop at the very least.

But that’s still no excuse for the content we have been seeing lately. Not only are the ads super boring, it has reached the point where the Creators are posting random things on their blog just to keep it active, like this terrible “post” from yesterday. Like, who even made that graphic? The same person who made those infamous Wimpy Kid ads? Also, remember that worthless rat sneak peak from a week or two ago? Heck, the latest sneak peak is the SAME EXACT RAT, only it’s running this time.

So it’s no surprise that many community members, including myself, are getting somewhat disappointed with Poptropica. We just need a new island, that probably being Crisis Caverns, ASAP. While we wait, here are some simple ways you can stay sane and not lose interest in the game:

  • Replay your fav islands
  • Go in common rooms
  • Explore some fan blogs, or make your own
  • Try out the Avatar Studio Glitch
  • Make some cool costumes and have a fashion show with friends
  • Watch some Thinknoodles videos about Pop, as they are pretty entertaining
  • Write a fan fiction about Poptropica
  • Play the fan game Orb Legend! Oh wait, it’s not out yet…
  • Look at some dead blogs. ’tis pretty funny to see the quality and atmosphere of the community back then compared to now
  • Go on the PHC
  • Try to get a 5-star battle ranking by playing mini-games in a common room
  • Draw some Pop-themed doodles and art
  • Make a new account and complete all the islands again on it
  • Play all the islands on the app

And if you really need to, take a break from Poptropica, and return to see if there’s any news. Sometimes taking a break from something will make you enjoy it even more in the future.

Look, it may be annoying, frustrating, or even sad that Pop has become the way it is. But if you truly love the game and/or community, I would stay, because some new, awesome things are just around the corner ^^

See you on Sunday for my Time Tangled Island Review!

-Tall Cactus

The Island Replay Challenge: POSTPONED

“You’re postponing another thing?!? THIS IS TERRIBLE WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!”

Yeah, sorry about this guys. You might remember this challenge I announced a couple weeks ago, where I was going to try to beat every non-sponsored Pop island in order of release before summer vacation starts on June 11th. I should have been pretty far in by now, but I’m only on SPY Island. Not even joking. Thanks a lot, school.

So, there is no way I am going to finish in just a month. Yet because of the New Poptropica, I will not be cancelling the challenge. I will instead be starting from where I left off on June 11th, and will be trying to finish the rest of the islands before the end of summer vacation, which is in early September. This will actually allow me to have time to play the islands and not worry about homework and other school tortures.

Oh, and Totem Curse’s return is almost upon us, in just 4 days! Yassssss…oh, and there’s the last week of Feats of Speed and a theory on Thursday. See you then, as I won’t be posting tomorrow.

-Tall Cactus


HAHAHAHA!!!!! You really thought I was quitting MY blog? You really thought that was Dr. Hare? Dr. Hare was me the whole time! I simply made a second WordPress account and email, and ta da! The only reason the Easter post was a “guest post” was because I forgot to make the account, and I barely had anytime to do it since I went to my grandparent’s house for most of the day. Also, Ultimate iPad Expert made that header from yesterday.


Anyway, I’ll see you guys later today for the next chapter of the Totem Curse!

Tall Cactus