Hop-py Easter!

(Note: This is the first ever guest post on this blog! Give a big round of applause to Dr. Hare!)

Hey minions Poptropicans, it’s your friend Dr. Hare here! Ever since I started stalking reading this blog, I’ve always wanted to be an author. Well, I’m not one yet, since I don’t have a WordPress account, but Tall Cactus is letting my write this guest post ’cause she’s gonna be too busy today. THIS IS BETTER THAN CARROTS I TELL YOU. BETTER THAN RULING THE WORLD. Oh, yeah, I forgot that I’m good now! 😛

Anyway, I want to wish you a merry Easter and a happy Spring Break…oops wrong song. Today I will be discussing the Easter Bunny. First of all, the “Easter Bunny” doesn’t even like carrots. HOW COULD HE BE SO MEAN!!!! Also, he kinda creeps me out. But then again, you all think I’M creepy, but that’s just since I used to be the worst villain in all of Poptropica! Actually, I don’t really want to think about my past right now…it’s just too much…

So I think that I would make a better Easter Bunny! ‘Cause I’m cool. Bye!

Dr. Harvey H. Hare, Former Supervillain