Hey Poptropicans…

As you saw in the title, I am going to be inactive until June 24th. Which is more than a week. That’s kinda a bummer because I sure know that a lot can happen in a day in the Pop community, much more in 10 days.

You see, tomorrow I will be busy most of the day, and then on Thursday I’m going to the beach for a week. So no posting or going on Discord. Although I will still be on Discord today and tomorrow night. And I’ll still be reading, liking, and commenting on other posts via my cell phone. I could post or go on Discord on my phone too, but I will be pretty busy and tired.

HOWEVER, if there is HUGE Pop news, I will be posting about that ASAP. But I doubt that there will even be any news.

Oh, and you may have heard about how there will be a PHC party on Monday if you were there this morning.  I’ll probably miss that sadly, but I may show up for a little bit, as I could just download the Discord app on my phone. I can’t promise I will be there though, as I will be busy, like I said before.

When I’m gone, maybe you could try to enter in an outfit for this month’s costume contest, as you only have till June 30th to enter.

Well, I’ll see you guys soon. Bye for now…

-Tall Cactus

BTW, if you didn’t hear, the Poptropica Creator Skinny Moon held a little Q & A on the PHC earlier today, and I was there. I’m not going to go into any details, however, because there’s gonna be a post about it on the PHB and I’m too lazy right now.