Announcing Island Ideas!

Island Ideas will be an upcoming segment on this blog where you can share your island ideas. (Yeah, the name is a little boring, but I wanted both words to start with “I” and not be too long.) The thing that will happen is that on the latest Island Ideas post (this one), you can share your idea in the comments. When I get enough ideas, I’ll make a post about them. Simple. To start off, here are two of my ideas-

Poptropolis Games: Winter Sports Edition- You might be thinking- “Another Poptropolis Games? Boring!” But this one will be different, with an actual story. It starts off with the island rising, but it’s in the middle of winter, so they make fake snow and stuff. The events are things such as skiing, ice skating, etc. But once you win the gold metal, you learn a secret. The secret of how Poptropolis sank and rises every hundred years. And how someone wants to stop that- the Ancient Warrior guy. But this isn’t just some wrestling match. Will you save Poptropolis?

Fariy Tale Island- One day, you go to a library, where you need to save it from being shut down. You help clean up the place, sort books, etc., but then you discover a very old fairy tale book that holds a secret. All of the evil fairy tale characters (Big Bad Wolf, a witch, etc.) escape and try to take over Poptropica. Will you stop them for good? And send them back into the cursed book forever?

So, there you go. Post your ideas in the comments, and yours could be featured in the next Island Ideas post! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

-Tall Cactus