Rant: Skinny Moon’s Obsession with Halloween

Ah, the Creators’ Blog. You know, the place where Poptropica news is posted first, officially. It’s been around since 2008, and won’t be going anywhere unless Poptropica does too. It’s the one blog where I’m totally fine with the posts being mainly news, the reason for that is pretty obvious.

But then there are posts like this…


Is this really necessary? I’m sorry Skinny Moon, but I don’t really care about Halloween that much. I prefer Christmas. And NEW POP NEWS.  Seriously, she’s going a little overboard on the holiday, just think about it for a second.






I could go on and on about this, but then I’d go crazy in rage, I don’t want this to happen again…


Cringes in regret and utter embarrassment.

However, there’s one more thing I’d like to discuss in a calmer manner. That being this year’s Halloween Photo Booth contest.


Not all of us have social media. I don’t, even though I am old enough now. And especially the majority of your fans, kids too young to have these 13+ accounts. Last year, anyone who made a photo was entered in the contest. This year, the number of entries will decrease dramatically. I can understand why #PoptropicaArt was on social media, but this makes no sense, it worked fine last year! You may say kids can just ask their parents to post their pictures for them, but some parents may not want to. You never know.

I’m not entering. I already have membership anyway.

-Tall Cactus

Skinny Moon- if you somehow read this, please don’t be mad. I just suggest that you talk about other topics, like more New Oop sneak peaks, not just Halloween, and to make any future contests not be on social media. Thank you.



Utter Disappointment

One day, TC was just checking the Creators’ Blog like she always does after a long day at school. Most of the time there isn’t a new post, but this day, oh this day was different…



Excitedly, and nervously, TC clicked the post, expecting some huge revelations on the upcoming game. Little did she know it was just…


A worm. A freaking worm.

I am so freaking mad right now that I can’t even continue talking in third person. All that waiting, for this?!


We better get some real sneak peaks next time, we better.

-Tall Cactus is MAD 😡