Spectaclular Sunday Surprises: Chu Chu TV Edit REQUESTS

Following the events of last week’s post, let’s see what requests were made.


Only one? Well, uh, here you go, Short Feather, your wish is my command…


And that’s all for now. Yes, I know it was a short post, but trust me, I got some big plans for Spectaclular Sunday Surprises, and it all starts next week. Until then, peace.

-Tall Cactus 

Spectacular Sunday Surprises: Green Sweater

I like to call this number “Green Sweater”.

The worst time to wear a green sweater, is all the time.

The one Skinny Moon wears, every day, that’s the kind.

Cause when you’re wearing that one, noobish sweater.


No offense, Skinny Moon, it’s just that you really need to switch up your outfit once in a while.

Original song: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HCs0JGxvQCM

Tall Cactus 

Spectacular Sunday Surprises: Alternate Realites #3

Hello hello hello Poptropicacti, welcome back to the craziest day of the week!


This week’s topic isn’t really a surprise, as I told you what it would be last time, but oh well. If you didn’t already know, this is the third and final alternate realities post. Infinite possibilities, not enough time. Let’s get started…

Since I had started playing Pop in March 2015, and since I didn’t quit that July, I was on the path of, well, obsession. Along with a longing to join the community. I had found the PHB just days after the beginning of Tall Cactus, and just about every other blog in the weeks to follow. Like, I would read dead blogs, yeah…

The thing is, I was too scared to join. Most of the people were older than me, I was 11, later 12 then, and even if you tried to comment, you had to enter your email. So I simply was just a random stalker for months, upon months, upon months…8 or 9 to be exact, which is funny because that’s how long I’ve been in the community at the time of this post, lol.

But I wasn’t just gonna never join, I had myself a plan. I was gonna begin commenting on all my favorite blogs that upcoming summer, in the oh so mysterious 2016. I was gonna make a blog in 2017. Little did I know that New Pop would be coming out, little did I know that was too long to wait.

Just a couple months, maybe weeks, maybe days, I can’t remember when I came up with this plan, I reached my breaking point. I just had to comment. And I did, on the PHB, on December 29th, 2015. I’m not even gonna post a pic of it, it’s too embarrassing, just like this blog’s first post. At least I had good grammar.

So yeah, I commented for a few weeks, I was now planning to make a blog in the summer, but then I realized I couldn’t wait for that, either, so I made it on Janurary 16th, 2016, and the rest is history.

But, what if I did follow my plan, what if was more patient and more fearful? Well…

1. I’d probably comment and/or make a blog before planned, I seriously wanted to join the community, omg…

2. If I did somehow follow that really stupid plan, I really don’t know what would have happened…

3. I would probably try to get all my real life friends too play Pop, yet I would be embarrassed about it and they wouldn’t have stayed for long…

4. I could have lost interest in Pop or quit for real, similar to what almost happened in July 2015, when New Pop was announced on April 25th, I just needed someone with my love of the original game to discuss it with. Or I would have joined the community right then…

5. Even if I did make the blog, it wouldn’t be the same. None of the blogs I used to work on would be the same…

6. If I made a blog/commented too late, and not in the summer, I may not have been as active…

7. I may have never joined the community, ever. That’s how scared I was, period.

Yeah, not the best outcomes. Thankfully, I was a rebel to my own plan, I overcame my fears I don’t even know, and it was worth it.

Strangely, what ended up actually happening was surprising similar to BT’s MPIP, well, up to the part when she became a PHB author. What a coincidence… https://poptropicahelp.net/2015/12/16/mpip-bt/

Before I go, I just wanted to let you know that there will not be a Spectaclular Sunday Surprise next week. I’m reserving the day’s post for the Night of the Evil Robutts recap, wink.

-Tall Cactus 

Night of the Evil Robutts Countdown: 6 days! 

Spectacular Sunday Surprises: Apologies and Alternate Realities #2

Hey, Poptropicans. You know what time it is!


First of all, I’d like to apologize. Especially to WimpyKidFan and Lucky Wing. Why? Because, well, I lost interest in the whole doodle thing. Meaning they won’t ever get their requests fulfilled. I may do an actual art series someday, but that wouldn’t be until at least 2017. So if that never ends up happening, I’m sorry.

Anyways, let’s get back to the actual post. So you know how I did that Alternate Realities post last week? I’m doing a second one, because I really like writing these. So sit back, relax, and enjoy! And don’t cry, becuase this thankfully didn’t happen. You’ll see what I mean in a second.

So yeah, I didn’t end up playing Pop in 2013, but I did in 2015, and that’s what matters. And for the first few months, it was really, really fun. But it all changed that July, when 7 islands became members only. I wasn’t a member back then. And my dream was to complete every single island. My dream was crushed when this announcement was made. I was so upset that I almost quit. Literally. Thankfully, I didn’t, and I just hung around in common rooms for a few weeks until I finally got the strength to ask for membership in September.

But…what if I did quit? Would I ever play again? Here are my thoughts on this unfortunate alternate universe.

Now, I don’t think I would have been able to permanently quit. I was totally obsessed with the game. And I still am today. So hopefully if this were to happen I’d rejoin over the course of a few days to a few weeks. Somethings may not have played out the same as they actually did, even the smallest things can make a big difference in the future, mainly that I may not have joined the community at the time that I did, or not at all. Because in this timeline, I wouldn’t have had courage to ask for membership, I don’t even know why I was so scared, so how would I have the courage to either ask my parents if I could join or join in secret, with the risk of getting caught? Lol I actually made this blog in secret and I got caught in May but I was allowed to stay, this really happened it isn’t an alternate realty at all lol 

Yet, what if I was so mad that I couldn’t get myself to play my favorite game ever again? I’d probably have to get myself to stop thinking about it, which would be very, very hard, and find something else to get interested in. But back then I didn’t know about things like Steven Universe and Roblox, and I had gotten over my SpongeBob obsession. That being said, I doubt I would have actually quit, at least not for long. However, as I said before, things like these can completely change the course of the future so things would end up being very, very different. Thank goodness I stayed, even if it meant being a wannabe glitcher and fashion designer for a couple weeks. Yeah, back then the Costumize Everything glitch still worked, that’s how I got the headphones I wear today.

That’s all for today, but don’t you go just yet! For you fans of this series-in-a-series, you’re in luck, becuase next Sunday I will be posting one more Alternate Realities post. When I was first thinking about joining the community, I wasn’t going to make my first comment on the PHB until the summer of 2016. I wasn’t going to make a blog until 2017. As you all know, I ended up becoming impatient and making this blog on January 16th of this year, but what would have happened if I had waited? Find out on October 23rd!

-Tall Cactus 


Spectacular Sunday Surprises: Alternate Realities

SURPRISE! No doodles this week, kiddos! This is called Spectacular Sunday Surprises, what were you expecting?


All joking aside, I’m sorry about the doodles. I just, I don’t know, I wanted to switch it up this week. But don’t fear just yet, Round 3 is next Sunday and it’s also…the last round, for now that is. Yeah. So be sure to request if you haven’t already, as there’s no limit for this final post!

Anyways, back to today’s post. I may have already posted about this true story a while back, but if you don’t know it, or I didn’t post about it, I’ll summarize it right here, right now.

Back in 2013, back in the days when I was a total tomboy, the newest Wimpy Kid book at the time, Hard Luck, was announced. I was so excited, I decided to read the original Wimpy Kid on good ol’ Funbrain. And as I slowly but steadily got through each page, I saw, you guessed it, Poptropica ads. One of them just HAD to be Virus Hunter, since it was so gross to me, I sadly did not click on it.

Later, I found the official Wimpy Kid website. Again, I saw something about Poptropica on it. Only this time, it was a direct link to the Wimpy Kid Island info pages and stuff. I watched and rewatched the trailers multiple times, I surprisingly LOVED Wimpy Boardwalk, unlike now. Heck, I even looked it up on YouTube, and found the freaking THINKNOODLES walkthrough for it. And yet I still wouldn’t play the game myself! I wouldn’t until March 2015.

But, what if I did decide to play Poptropica back in 2013? How would I be different now? Here are my thoughts on this alternate reality…

First of all, my Poptropican’s name would have a 99.9% chance of NOT being Tall Cactus. Obviously. The other things are not as easy to figure out however. Here’s one of the infinite possibilities of what could have happened…

So I’d go and play Wimpy Boardwalk first. Then I’d find Wimpy Wonderland and play that too. There weren’t any members only islands at this point, so I wouldn’t have to worry about that. And to get through those islands, I would have gotten stuck at some point, I would have used the Thinknoodles walkthroughs.

Eventually I would go and play more and more islands, using the Thinknoodles guides for all of them. And maybe, just maybe, I’d look Poptropica up online and find the PHB, find the community. I could have read just the PHB, all the other blogs, or none at all. I truly don’t know.

And if I didn’t loose interest, if I kept playing each time an island came out, if I became obsessed, maybe I would go to join the community myself. But, I was so much younger then, I just know I would have waited years, in fear, to even make a comment, I would have gone crazy and quit before I reached that point of courage.

Maybe it’s better that I started playing in 2015, when I was older. Because if I did start earlier, even if I did join the community, this blog wouldn’t exist. Tall Cactus wouldn’t exist.

-Tall Cactus

Spectacular Sunday Surprises: Doodle Requests Round 1


The first round of doodles have been finished, PoptropiCacti. Let’s see who the lucky commenters are, shall we?


Thanks for commenting Purple Claw and Popular Wolf, here are your doodles! image


However, since there were only two comments on the announcement post, and I want to draw three people per post, I just decided to do a little doodle of myself, cause why not?


If you want to request some art and you have a WordPress account, I strongly recommend that you comment done below on this post. If you don’t have WordPress, then you could always ask me on Discord, but the thing about Discord is that messages can get lost very easily. That’s why I prefer actual comments.

As for why the pics aren’t colored in, you’ll find out in just a few weeks, oh you’ll see.

I’ll see you all next Sunday for some more artistic fun!

Tall Cactus 

Spectacular Sunday Surprises: Read the post and you’ll see…


Welcome back to SSS, Poptropicaci. This week, I have something extra special to announce…

TC’s first ever ART REQUESTS!

Even though I’m not the best artist ever, actually I have quite a lot of room for improvement, I’m trying anyway. And since I’m not allowed to have a dA account, I’ll just post my art on my blog! It’s all good.

So, leave a comment below with either a pic of your Poptropican or your Pop username, and my doodle masterpiece of it should be posted next Sunday or the weeks after.

Bye bye, I seriously need better closings…

-Tall Cactus


Spectacular Sunday Surprises: Awkward Moments in Poptropica Part 1

This post is kinda a joke, don’t take it too seriously.


One day in Poptropica, I was bored, so I decided to go to Early Poptropica!

The first thing I noticed was how fashionable the people are here. They should be on Project Runway!

It’s called sarcasm, kids.


They really need to fix that up. But seriously though, it’s been leaking for years, and it’s still only a puddle? Or they keep cleaning up the water but not the actual hole in the tower. Guess those people not only have no fashion sense, but no common sense!

Later I went to the Pop Art Museum.


I don’t care if you don’t wanna share personal info, but at least spell it don’t and not don’ t! What a fake…


Also a fake, the REAL whatever-his-name-is wouldn’t know that they’re from the past. And “lived”.




Ugh, I’m done with this dumb museum. I’m heading to Poptropica Towers.


Great, now they’re racist? I’m leaving this dumb island and heading back to Home Island!

On Home Island…


1. The Wheel of Fortune thing is STILL up? It’s been way longer than a month!

2. And come on, the winter costume people are still standing there? I first noticed that in February, they seriously should have switched that by now, don’t ya think? Lazy Creators…

I think I’m gonna go to the arcade now.


Headphone buddies!


Wha-what? THIS ISN’T AN ARCADE! Lies! I should have just gone to the arcade on…Early Poptropica!


Runs away before rant starts…

-Tall Cactus


Spectacular Sunday Surprises: The Real Reason Behind New Pop (Theory)


As you saw in the title, this week’s surprise is a theory. Yes, a theory. You might be like, “There’s already Theory Thursdays for that,” but that series is on hiatus until October because of Throwback Thursdays. I don’t want to wait that long. And this is Spectacular Sunday Surprises, it could be anything.

So, let’s begin…

If if you haven’t already heard, Google Chrome is starting to block Flash. Well except for the Top 10 sites, mainly social media. It’s been known for months now, but now they are finally starting to go through with it, the newest update is the beginning stages to wiping out Flash and replacing it with HTML5. Flash should be officially blocked sometime in December.

But, what does this have to do with Poptropica? Well, if you didn’t already know, Pop is a flash game. And many, many players use, well, Chrome.

Sure, there will be a way to turn Flash on for each website, but do you think kids will be able to know how to do that? Not really. Which means Pop would begin to fail if they continued with Flash.

That’s why they are making a New Poptropica with Unity. That way, when it releases about the same time that Flash starts dying on Chrome, the game will not be affected and thus saved.

So next time you feel upset about Pop 2.0, just remember that it’s not the Creators’ fault, it’s Google’s.

-Tall Cactus