Theory Thursdays: The Frozen in Time Theory

Hello Poptropicans! It’s me, Tall Cactus, and welcome to the first ever Theory Thursday! What is that, you ask? It’s where I post a new theory every Thursday…if I’m not busy, that is. Anyway, let’s get started!

Today’s theory is one that I’ve had for a very long time now. But, then I realized that there wasn’t as much proof as I thought. Until yesterday, when Monkey Wrench Island came out. As the prequel for every other island, it has totally changed the way I think about Poptropica and its timeline, and proving the Frozen in Time theory to, in fact, be correct. So, here it is.

Well, let’s get the basic timeline of Poptropica down first:

  1. Monkey Wrench Island
  2. Islands Made Before Super Villain Island’s Release
  3. Super Villain Island
  4. Islands Made After Super Villain Island’s Release

So, if the basic timeline is understood, then why is this theory being made? Well, some of the islands, like Mystery Train and Wild West, and even when you time travel in Time Tangled Island, are believed to happen in other time periods, with you time traveling to them using either your blimp or time device. However, I don’t think this is true. Wanna know why?

  • The monkeys who made the blimp wouldn’t have access to time travel
  • In all of the historical islands and the past in Time Tangled, people don’t notice that you’re wearing clothes from the future
  • Um, how did Mordred get that technology in medieval times?
  • Villains from the past return in SVI, which happens in the present
  • You don’t keep items collected in other islands, so you wouldn’t still have the time device from Time Tangled

There are some other theories about every island happening in different dimensions, but that isn’t true either. The monkeys who made the blimp would not have access to dimensional technology. Plus, how do you explain SVI, Reality TV, Balloon Boy, when you go to Early Poptropica during the events of Counterfeit Island, etc.? With no doubt, I believe that Poptropica happens in the same universe, or should I say planet.

And then there’s THIS pic from Monkey Wrench Island, which proves EVERYTHING:

Screenshot 2016-02-24 at 4.55.51 PM.png

I couldn’t get everything in the screenshot, but there is an astro-knight riding on the Mother Phoenix in the background, and even though I couldn’t get a decent photo of them, a pirate from Skullduggery and a person from Arabian Nights.

This proves my theory. See, this island happens BEFORE Time Tangled. That means the broken time machine had no effect on this. Plus, even though those people are from the past, they don’t seem to care and they seem to know enough about modern technology to be in the race.

Oh, and that scene from Super Villain Island, with the news program showing islands like Mystery Train being destroyed. Can’t forget that piece of evidence!

Poptropica is frozen in time. It does not happen in a specific time period at all. There’s only one thing that could have happened to make it this way. Poptropica was once Earth, and the past events in Time Tangled are from Earth, but something went wrong, causing different time periods to become one and for impossible technology and magic to exist, along with different planets and for the land to split apart as islands. This explains why some locations in Poptropica are real locations on Earth, and others are completely made up, along with historical figures.

But, what went wrong? Who caused it? Will the truth be revealed in the graphic novel series? We may never know. But this is just a theory. A POPTROPICA THEORY. 😀

Tall Cactus

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