Pop TV: Episode 2


Poptropica: The TV Series

Season 1, Episode 2

Pilgrim Plunder

*Piper and Jack are walking out the door of Jack’s house the day after the first episode*

Piper: Weekend! Weekend! Let’s have fun!!!

Jack: I know, I know. Don’t you realize that you overreact about everything?

Piper: Yes, but I’m not gonna stop. I’m a rebel child…who’s starting to get bored. What is there even to do around here!!

Jack: Not much. I just heard that an old arcade on Main Street is reopening today, though.

Piper: Ooh let’s go there right now!

Jack: I have to go get some money from my parents first.

Piper: Okay…

Jack: But Piper, why are you always wearing that medallion? What even is it?!

Piper: I don’t know, I don’t care. Let’s just go have fun now!

5 Minutes Later, on Main Street…

Jack: Well, we made it to the arcade, so-

Piper: What’s that?!

Jack: What’s what?!

Piper: That sign over there.

*Piper points to a sign that says something about the old part of town*

Piper: Old part of town? Let’s go there!

Jack: Can we at least just go check out the arcade first?

Piper: Fine…

*Piper walks inside the arcade, but Jack stands outside for a moment, staring at the sign*

Jack: Maybe this town is more interesting than I thought…


Inside the Arcade…

Jack: This arcade is…wow…

*Rows and rows of arcade machines are seen. Some kids are seen at a machine that takes the tickets they won and makes it into a coupon that lets you pick prizes. And at the counter where the prize area was, there were some girls that looked very familiar…

One of the girls: I know, Ella, Zoey will never be cool like us, but you gotta admit that something bad must have happened to her yesterday.

Ella: Which is a good thing, that sissy almost told the teacher that we were “bullying” those 4th graders. Right, Lindsey?

Lindsey: Right.

Ella: So, Hannah, next time you say something that shows you care about Zoey, you won’t be your friends anymore. You want to stay popular, right?

Hannah: Y-yes. I’ll stop talking about…her.

Ella: Good. Now let’s go see if we can get those bracelets with our tickets.

Arcade Worker: The bracelets are 1000 tickets each. How many tickets do you have?

Lindsey: We have, um, where did our tickets go?

Hannah: We don’t have any tickets because you two didn’t even want to play any of the games!

Ella: Games are too boyish for me.

Hannah: Then why did we even come here?

Ella: I don’t know.

Lindsey: Let’s just go to the Twin Palms Mall instead, it’s on another island but my dad is so rich that he has a private jet to take us there.

Ella: Kk

*The girls laugh and walk out the door.*

Piper: What do they mean by island?

Jack: It doesn’t matter, can we just go buy some tokens and actually play some games.

*Jack and Piper are seen having fun while playing a bunch of arcade games, including a dance one, some cranes, and a racing game.*

Piper: Be right back, I need to use the restroom. Wait right here.

Jack: Why can’t you just go at home? Piper?

*Jack then notices a small orange camera on one of the displays*

Jack: If I get the camera, maybe it will be small enough that my parents do see me recording any videos. Hmm…

Arcade Worker: Do you want to buy the camera?

Jack: Yes, please!

Arcade Worker: It is 875 tickets.

Jack: I have 876, perfect!

Arcade Worker: Thanks, here is the camera.

*The worker gives Jack the camera, and he stares at it in awe…until he sees Piper walking towards him.*

Piper: Lemme go buy something with the tickets! Wait, what are you holding?

Jack: A camera.

Piper: Did you buy that with the tickets?

Jack: Yes…

Piper: How many tickets are left, I want to buy something too!

Jack: There is one ticket left, heh…

*Piper starts crying*

Jack: Are you seriously crying over this?

Piper: I wanted the rainbow unicorn keychain!!!

Jack: OK?

*Piper runs out of the arcade, and right into the old part of town.*

*Jack starts running after her*

Jack: Look, I’m sorry, but I-

*Just then, Jack notices an old arcade machine, that looks broken*

Jack: The box says it was made in 1982, let me see if it still works…

*He puts his last token into the machine.*

*The screen shows some government stamp to not use drugs and the screen bursts with color and says Pilgrim Plunder*

Jack: This game looks, old…

*Jack presses the start button.*

Voice from the game: Level one! Use the joystick to move the pilgrim, and avoid the obstacles to get to the flag to complete the level as fast as you can! Get ready, get set, GO!!!

*There’s no pilgrim. In fact, many of the characters from the game are missing.*

Jack: Ugh, it’s broken. Now I have no tokens left! Lemme go find Piper, I guess…

*Jack walks over to the Old Part of town, passing buildings and pilgrim that looked strangely…familiar?*

Jack: Those pilgrims are the ones…from the game?!

*He walks farther to find Piper talking to one of them. They both look…happy?!*

Pilgrim: I can’t believe you did it so quickly, you saved our town! We must reward you some how. Wait, what is your name even?

Piper: Piper P. Pearson, of course!

Jack: Did you just tell that guy your full name…

Piper: Yup! And I just saved this town!

Jack: Can you like, explain in more detail please.

Piper: OK, so…


Piper: I was super sad so I ran over here.

*Piper is seen holding her hand over her eyes, crying, and running down the street.*

Piper: What’s wrong?

Pilgrim: We lost one of our pigs, our water bucket, and the flag that leads boats into the dock. It’s the end of the world!!!

Pilgrim #2: Please help us find them!

Piper: OK, I’ll try my best.

*Dramatic music plays while Piper is seen exploring the island, going underground, on top of buildings and even in the clouds as she finds all the stolen items.*


Piper: And that’s how I saved the pilgrims!

Jack: Um Piper, can we speak privately for a minute.

Piper: Sure!

Jack (whispering): You know those pilgrims were characters from an arcade game, right?

Piper: How is that even possible…

Jack: I have no clue. Also, how the heck did you do all of that that quickly?

Piper: Well, I wasn’t the one who feel asleep in the arcade.

Jack: I feel asleep?! How do you know-

*Just then a ship docks. A pilgrim is standing on it. Piper and Jack jump on to talk to him.*

Pilgrim: Finally, I made it. I had no idea where to dock until that flag was put up there. I wonder who put it back?

Jack: Yeah, that was us. Well, her.

Pilgrim on the Ship: Oh, it was?

Piper: So true! Didn’t someone steal those items?

Pilgrim on the Ship: Well, I think I remember now. It was some weirdo in a pink bunny suit and green goggles. All those other pilgrims didn’t remember because they all have short term memory loss, but I don’t. Those video game glitches…

Piper: Then why don’t you have short term memory if all the pilgrims, including you, are from that video game?

Jack: And don’t the other pilgrims not know that they are from a broken arcade game?

Pilgrim: Um, gotta go!

*The pilgrim jumps off the ship and swims away, leaving a pair of green goggles floating in the water.*

Jack: I swear, that “super villain” is a terrible actor. We’re gonna get you, Dr. Hare…

Piper: That was Dr. Hare?!

Jack: Of course that was! It was so obvious!

Piper: That pilgrim seemed real to me.

Jack: Come on, let’s just go home now, I seriously don’t feel like arguing right now.

Piper: Okay.

*Piper starts walking away. But Jack stands still for a minute, holding the medallion.*

Jack: I just don’t…understand. If Dr. Hare wanted Piper’s medallion so badly, then why did he have this one?

Piper: Why are you standing there? Come on!

Jack: sigh

Piper: But hey, look what I got!

Jack: What is it?!

Piper: A jet pack!

*Piper turns around so Jack can see the jet pack on her back*

Piper: Isn’t it cool? I used it to find the pilgrims’ flag!

Jack: It looks kinda dangerous…

*Just then Octavian and Amelia walk up to them.*

Octavian: I thought I told you that you could only be gone for 2 hours. You were gone for 4!

Amelia: You didn’t even respond to my text messages!

Jack: I’m sorry, I forgot to bring my phone so I could check the time OR answer your texts. Geez…

Octavian: Is that a jet pack? And another medallion?! What the heck were you kids doing!

Piper: Sorry Mr. Octavian, I was just saving some pilgrims. Here, you can take the jet pack and medallion, I promise I won’t ever do it again.

Octavian: Thank you. Now both of you, go to your room!

Piper + Jack: Fine…

Amelia: Wait, we forgot about Piper’s original medallion! Maybe you should just take that one too, it’s too valuable to lose. And it could be dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.

Octavian: Maybe I should…

Piper: No, please don’t!

Octavian: OK, fine. But if you end up losing it, some bad guy finds it, and you never ever get back to your home, don’t come crying to me.

Piper: Thank you thank you THANK YOU! I won’t let you down, Mr. Octavian.

Amelia: OK, off to your room kids, you’re grounded for the rest of the day.

Jack: Ugh, OK.

*Later Octavian is seen taking the pilgrim medallion and jet pack outside and putting it in that mysterious shed.*


(As the credits roll, two men are seen walking into the arcade, and picking up the broken pilgrim game machine. They take it outside and leave it on the curb next to some garbage bags. Then a garbage truck comes, all the trash is put in. As the truck drives away, a piece of the outside of the arcade machine flies out, it has a picture of a medallion on it.)

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