The Totem Curse- Chapter 16, Part 3: Defeating Zeus


Continued From Part 2

Poppy found herself in the middle of the ocean with Dr. Hare, Binary Bard, Black Widow, and Captain Crawfish next to her.

Dr. Hare: “Wha-what happened?!?”

Binary Bard: “From what I can remember, Zeus just took over Poptropica.”

Black Widow: “But, where do we go?”

Captain Crawfish: “Anywhere ye want!”

The four then swim away. They seemed to be heading to New Pop City which wasn’t too far away. Poppy could see the Statue of Poperty

Poppy: “WAIT!!! Please don’t…leave. SOMEONE HELP ME!!!”

A Few Hours Later…

Zeus was going on a rampage across Poptropica. He had already destroyed Mythology Island, Shark Tooth, and Mystery Train, and now he was in New Pop City. The Statue of Poperty was right there, so Zeus decided to give it a makeover by putting his face on it.

By then, the Four had found their way to New Pop City. As they walked around the city, they saw buildings in flames, screaming people, and lots of lightning. Usually, they would be happy about this chaos, being villains and all, but not now.

Binary Bard: “I feel…I feel really bad. Like, I actually am worried about people other then myself for once. I want to help somehow. I feel like I am…good.”

Black Widow: “I do too.”

Dr. Hare: “I just want carrots.”

A few minutes later, they passed by the N.I.S.S. Only this time, most of the building was destroyed, and the rest of it was covered in smoke. The N.I.S.S. was gone.

Black Widow and Dr. Hare both started crying. Binary Bard seemed a little sad, yet Captain Crawfish didn’t really seem to care too much.

The Four later walked over onto a ship right next to the Statue of Poperty.

Back to Poppy…

Poppy had been stuck in the ocean for hours now. She was going to try to get over to New Pop City, but before she did, the ground started to shake. An island appeared under her feet. It was Poseidon.

Poseidon: “Looks like my brother never changed.”

Poppy: “Can you help me?”

Poseidon: “I’m sorry, but this is your mess to clean up. Just take my trident.”

As Poppy takes the trident, pink clouds form below her, so she flew over to the Statue of Poperty, where Zeus was at.

Zeus: “It’s you again. Oh, so I see my brother is helping you like he did before?!? Cheater.”

Zeus: “Anyway, with these totems, I have the power to defeat you and then my destruction of Poptropica shall continue!”

Poppy: “I don’t think so…”

Poppy began flying around the statue. The first totem, Captain Crawfish’s, was at the base of the statue. She used the trident to destroy it. Then, she found Black Widow’s. She once again destroyed it, but this time it was much harder, and Zeus was trying to knock her down. Dr. Hare’s was next. This time, she almost fell, but she successfully destroyed the golden carrot, which seemed to be even stronger than Black Widow’s cursed paintbrush.

Soon, the only totem remaining was Binary Bard’s astrolabe. It seemed to be the strongest totem of them all. Yet, as she was trying so hard to destroy it, Zeus came up from behind and used his lightning bolts. Poppy found that all her clouds were gone, and a second later she found herself falling into the freezing waters below.

Zeus: “I did it! I won! Poptropica will be mine for eternity!”

Poppy, after she realized that she had lost, started to swim away, but a few minutes later she ran into the ship that the Four were on. The pulled her on.

Poppy: “How did you guys get here?!?”

Binary Bard: “We were bored.”

Poppy: “But what are we going to do about Zeus?”

Black Widow: “We can help you, if you want.”

Poppy: “It looks like you four are good now. At least something good came out of this mess.”

Dr. Hare: “Oooh..let me see the trident.”

Poppy: “What?!? Hey! Give it back!”

Dr. Hare waved the trident, and more pink clouds appeared underneath all five of them.

Poppy: “Let’s do this.”

They flew back over to the statue, and began destroying the astrolabe again. This time they were successful. Then they started to hit Zeus, who eventually got really mad.

Zeus: “Y’know what? I don’t need these totems to defeat you. I AM THE GOD OF THUNDER!!!”

Zeus then possessed the statue, and huge lightning bolts cam out of its glowing eyes. Poppy started shooting at them, and eventually Zeus was forced to come back out.

Zeus: “No no NO!!! I couldn’t have been defeated again, not after getting so close!”

Poppy: “It’s over, Zeus. I win. Just give up.”

Zeus: “But I’m not going to give up now! I can still beat you! MUHAHAHA-OW.”

Dr. Hare had jumped over and punched Zeus in the face, causing them both to fall into the ocean below.

That was the last thing Dr. Hare could remember before he passed out.

When he woke up, he was at Erewhon. The whole place was in very bad shape, and only one sleep chamber remained. Zeus was in it.

Prison Guard #1: “Poppy, you did it! You saved us all!”

Prison Guard #2: “Thanks to you, Zeus won’t be bothering us ever again.”

Dr. Hare: “B-but, what about me? What about us?”

Prison Guard #2: “You four are just a bunch of villains.”

Dr. Hare: “But we’re good now!”

Prison Guard #1: “If you say so…”

Prison Guard #2: “Anyway, Poppy, here’s the medallion.”

Black Widow: “So now what?”

Captain Crawfish: “Maybe Poppy could go sell all of the medallions and then we’d all be rich!”

Binary Bard: “Poppy, do you think you can help us?”

Poppy: “I’m sorry, but I have more adventures to go on. And I really want to keep my medallions. I have to go now. Maybe I’ll see you guys again someday.”

Poppy said her goodbyes, and then she hopped into a helicopter to get back to her blimp.

Dr. Hare: “Now what do we do?!?”

Black Widow: “We start a new life. The four of us can live in New Pop City, and we can get some jobs to be able to buy an apartment. Together.”

Binary Bard smiled for the first time in years, one that was not from an evil laugh.


Lavenda: “They know nothing about the totems. Sure, the Four are once again good and the world is saved, but the totems were never destroyed.”

She was right. The totems are sitting on the bottom of the ocean as she speaks…


Tall Cactus


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