The Totem Curse- Chapter 16, Part 2: Your Worst Nighthare


Continued From Part 1

It all started the day after Poppy saved Lunar Colony. She was back in her blimp once again, but this time she saw something strange in the ocean below that was definitely not another island. It was an oil rig.

When she landed her blimp there, she saw a few people, who looked tired and very stressed out.

Oil Rig Worker #1: “It’s you…the hero kid.”

Oil Rig Worker #2: “What are we missing from the mainland islands? We haven’t seen the news in two weeks!”

Oil Rig Worker #1: “This is just making me homesick.”

Oil Rig Worker #3: “Oh no…not this again…”

Poppy climbed to the top of the oil rig and found an office. She entered just to see a woman, the owner of the rig, talking to a guy on a computer screen.

Woman: “Dr. Jupiter, you don’t understand. I don’t want anyone else from my oil rig to go find the totems. You know what happened! Thanks to your experiment, half of the workers here have disappeared in just two weeks!”

Dr. Jupiter: “Fine. Have it your way. I’ll just find someone else-”

Poppy: “Wait! I’ll do it.”

Woman: “It’s you, Poppy! Our hero! Thank you soooo much…”

Dr. Jupiter: “You want her to do it, of all people?!?”

Woman: “She saved the world, like, a dozen times! She defeated all of those villains, even the ones who have the totems, and the god of thunder!”

Dr. Jupiter: “I know.

Woman: “Why are you mad then?

The computer screen went dark.

Woman: “Um…that was weird. Stay here, Poppy, I’ll go get a helicopter to pick you up…”

Half an hour later, the helicopter came as planned. The ride was fine at first, but just a few minutes before they got to their destination, the sky darkened. Poppy and the helicopter pilot were stuck in the middle of a thunderstorm!

Pilot: “We are just about there…oh no, you’ll have to jump!”

Poppy: “Jump?”

Pilot: “Yes!”

Poppy: “AHHHH!!!!!”

Poppy did have a parachute on, but it was broken. As she fell at an unthinkable speed, a lightning bolt almost hit her! It was like it was targeting her.

However, just a minute after jumping, Poppy landed in the ocean safely. There were some rocks next to her, which were near a rocky little island. As she climbed to the top, she saw a huge building. Erewhon Prison for Supervillains.

Inside, she went through security, and then the elevator. She found herself in the same lab that the Four first entered just a couple weeks before.

Dr. Jupiter was there, waiting for her. He was still kind of mad about what had happened earlier, but he tried his best to hide it. He couldn’t get caught now.

Dr. Jupiter: “Welcome to my lab, Poppy! I’m so happy that you decided to come.”

Poppy: “You didn’t sound like that earlier.”

Dr. Jupiter: “Um, let’s just forget about that! Let’s get on with the mission.”

Poppy: “OK then…”

Dr. Jupiter: “Good.”

He then turned on a switch, and the Dream Machine lit up, revealing Binary Bard, Dr. Hare, Captain Crawfish, and Black Widow, who were still fast asleep.

Poppy: “AHHHH!!!!!”

Dr. Jupiter: “No need to be afraid. You’ve survived far worse.”

Poppy: “Wait WHAT?!?”

Dr. Jupiter: “I believe that each of these villains has a totem in their mind that caused them to become evil. If the totems are removed, they will once again be good. What I want you to do is to use this machine to enter their dreams. There you will find all the totems. When you find all four, come back here and give them to me, so I can use another one of my inventions to destroy them. Any questions? No? OK.Put on the helmet to get started!”

Poppy, even though she was scared, put on the helmet anyway. She decided to enter Captain Crawfish’s dream first…

Poppy found herself in a pirate ship. There were a bunch of pirates sleeping all around her, but they were…ghosts?!? Didn’t make much sense.

After exploring for a bit, she found some keys which opened some boxes, revealing a stopwatch and turpentine. Things were just getting more and more confusing.

After opening the boxes, she accidentally touched one of the ghosts, who woke up. Poppy quickly exited the dream before it was too late.

Next, she went to Dr. Hare’s dream. In his nightmare, or should I say nightHARE, Dr. Hare was being carried underground by huge ants.

Dr. Hare: “HELP ME!!!”

A pickaxe then magically appeared in front of Poppy, who picked it up and started digging. She went farther and farther underground, avoiding the ants along the way, she got stuck at a layer of unbreakable rock. An empty spray bottle sat on top. Realizing that she couldn’t do anymore in Dr. Hare’s nighthare for now, Poppy left and entered Black Widow’s dream.

Poppy found herself in a museum, filled with spiders and paintings of Black Widow that she made herself, for herself. There were also a few famous paintings that Black Widow ruined by writing words like “UGLY” and “NOT ART” on them. Black Widow then walked into the room.

Poppy: “So…you made all of this art?”

Black Widow: “Of course! Well, not those three, but those aren’t real art. Besides, the only one worth looking at is right here behind me!”

It was a self portrait of Black Widow. Only this time, it was her current self and not her college self.

Poppy then poured some of the turpentine into the spray bottle, and entered all the famous paintings to remove Black Widow’s vandalism. Inside, she found a shrinking potion and a key made out of crystal.

Black Widow was not happy.

Black Widow: “How dare you fix those! They aren’t art. I make real art.”

Poppy: “TBH, your art stinks.”

Black Widow: “WHAT?!? YOU-”

Poppy backed up.

Black Widow: “You’re just like all the others from the stupid N.I.S.S.”

Black Widow then started to cry.

Poppy didn’t notice. She was too busy destroying the self portrait with the spray bottle. The painting melted, revealing the first totem- Black Widow’s paintbrush.

Black Widow disappeared after that, so Poppy moved on to Binary Bard’s dream. What she never got to see was the painting repaint itself back to the original one from ten years before.

Binary Bard’s dream was the scariest one by far.

It was a flashback to when he was Mordred, trapped in the dungeon. A door was moving back and forth, but Mordred couldn’t get through without getting hit. He was starting to go crazy.

Mordred: “I could use Lavenda’s stopwatch to stop the door! But, where did it go?!?”

Poppy: “I think I found it.”

Mordred: “Thank you so much! Frozen time will allow me to escape!”

Mordred ran out of the room, but Poppy couldn’t quite catch up. She walked through more doors, freezing time every 30 seconds or so, seeing his secret lab and the chaos that happened inside. Merlin appeared, but this time he was evil.

After following his path throughout the other planets near Poptropica, even finding a diamond drill, she caught up with Mordred, who was now Binary Bard. He was sitting in what seemed to be Lavenda’s stopwatch, only a huge version of it.

But the worst sight of all was of all the other people who attempted to find the totems. They all stood, frozen in time forever. Before Poppy could scream, however, Binary Bard had something to say.

Binary Bard: “At last! I am now the perfect fusion of both man and machine. Nothing can stop me now!”

Well, even though it was his dream,  Binary Brad was wrong. Poppy used the smaller stopwatch to freeze time to electrocute him. It was eventually too much for him to handle, and his astrolabe totem appeared. 2 down, 2 to go.

Poppy went back to Captain Crawfish’s dream. Since she now had the shrinking potion, she shrunk down and went inside the model ship, his totem. Inside there were even more of those ghost pirate things (this dream keeps getting weirder and weirder) who also still asleep. Poppy needed to get the totem out somehow. Luckily, she had the diamond drill, and so she used it to break the model ship out of the glass bottle. Now back to normal size, Poppy only had one totem left…Dr. Hare’s.

Using the diamond drill, Poppy reached the bottom, where Dr. Hare. His totem, the golden carrot, was next him. She grabbed it, then both she and Dr. Hare were teleported back to the surface.

Dr. Hare: “Thanks for saving me!”

Dr. Hare then hopped away.

Poppy returned to Dr. Jupiter’s lab, with all four totems. She gave them to him right away.

Dr. Jupiter: “You actually did it! The experiment was a success! Now, let me go destroy-”

Poppy: “Wait. What even are the totems? Do you even know?”

Dr. Jupiter: “Well, no one know what they truly are, but we do know that they are very powerful. That’s why I am the only one who is capable of handling them.”

Poppy: “No! Give them back! I want to destroy them myself. Why? I saved the world countless times! I got the totems! I defeated the god of thunder.”

Dr. Jupiter: “Don’t remind me. I should had won. You only beat me because you got help from my stupid brothers…”

Poppy: “WHAT?!?”

Dr. Jupiter: “You are so gullible, foolish mortal. You should have known that it was me all along…”

Dr. Jupiter quickly transformed into his real form.

Zeus: “It is I, Zeus, and with these totems I will rule all of Poptropica! MUHAHAHA!!!”

Zeus then flies away, damaging Erewhon at the same time. The Dream Machine then fell apart and all the villains fell out, awake.

The last thing Poppy saw was her falling into the ocean along with the four villains who’s dreams she just invaded. Right when she hit the freezing water, everything went black…


Tall Cactus

(P.S.- I know that I said that Chapter 4 was going to be the longest chapter in the series, but it looks like this part was way longer. Surprise!)

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