The Post of Apology

Today was the day that was going to start my break from blogging. Yet, last night, I changed my mind. About everything. Let me explain…

When the Post of Change was published on March 15th, I 100% agreed with it, and I still do, really. But I took it too far when I started the Save the Community movement. It started off as an innocent little hashtag to spread awareness to other blogs; to make the community more fair. There was Small Blog Awareness Day, with its lag-free multiverses and everything in between. But nothing seemed to work; the PHB still was controlling everything and getting most of the attention.

Yes, my friends, that is when I began to despise the PHB. I disliked it at first, but everyday I began hating it more and more, as I got angrier and angrier…

Sometime over my spring break, I came up with a much better solution: a protest. And oh, I mean a protest. Like, spam-rage-on-#lulz-and-get-demodded-protest. I even came up with a starting date for it: April 14th. I announced it on the StC chat, and kept it a secret everywhere else.

Around the same time, I started to question what the point of me blogging was. I was really mad at the community and I was still so embarrassed about liking Pop. Yet, I didn’t want to quit, at least not till Worlds comes out. So, I decided to take a break. I wrote a post and scheduled it for today, April 6th.

Before I knew it, it was April Fools Day. The day that could have ruined my reputation in this community forever. Look, I still don’t necessarily like the whole PopFeedz prank, but on that day, I absolutely hated it. I finally had something to blame the PHB for: a totally unoriginal prank. Yet most people seemed to love it! With that in mind, I wrote like 5 hate comments on the announcement post, wrote even worse ones on PopFeedz itself which never got approved, and said some rude things on the PHC. Let’s just say, I almost got demodded. But at the time, I had no regrets, zero.

I felt the same way for days after, but that all changed last night. I finally realized that there was no point in getting so upset about the PHB. It’s just a blog, nothing more, nothing less. Same goes for TCPB, and every other fan blog. And this community is meant to be a place where you can have fun and make friends, not enemies. I shouldn’t take everything so seriously, because it’s just causing a lot of harm to my online identity. I also accepted the fact that the fact that it’s not the authors’ fault that their blog is so dang popular.

So, I deleted the Save the Community server and cancelled the protest last night. The movement is over and it is never coming back. I’m relieved I stopped myself before it was too late, as the protest probably would have made the problem worse. Soon after, I deleted the post about me taking a break from TCPB. Last night I realized I didn’t want to stop blogging yet, so I deleted the post I had scheduled for this morning.

I just want to apologize to everyone. To the authors, I’m sorry I blamed you for ruining the community, again, it’s not your fault. To the people involved in Save the Community, I’m sorry for being so hateful. I promise you that something like this will never happen again. I really do. And while I can’t say for sure that I like the PHB, I will respect it for now on.

Let’s just move on and have fun for once.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now. I’ll see you in my next post, and until then, have a nice day.

-Tall Cactus

8 thoughts on “The Post of Apology

  1. YEah I agree like I remember when you uploaded a picture of a DM of Slanted Fish and you were saying something about the PHB. Thats when I realized that you were taking everything way to far and its becoming more of Drama now. Then you finally realize that you are going too far with hating the PHB. Like the thing is the only way how other Poptropica blogs are going to get attention is if Poptropica becomes more popular. So plz no more hating on the Poptropica community. Now the only hating we are going to do is hating on dumb Poptropica updates. Thats it thats all!


  2. Yeah, I’m glad all this finally stopped. It was all fine and cool with the ”Small Blog Awareness Day” and ”Save The Community” movements. But later I realized that some of it was going too far, and it was creating unnecessary drama. Rather than saving the community, it seemed like the community was turning towards the wrong direction. I feared that the community would fall apart due to this unnecessary drama. I’m glad you realized it before anything more miserable happened.

    Let’s remember: All blogs are equal; whether big or small. They all deserve respect not hatred. And, we’re all part of this community. Let’s make this community even better with kindness, respect and love.


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