Theory Thursdays: Is Your Poptropican a Celebrity?!

Hey guys, welcome back to Theory Thursdays! The title basically explains it all, so let’s get started with this week’s theory.


Your Poptropican has done a lot of great things in the islands of Poptropica. You just saved a ton of islands, even the world itself a few times, no biggie. But if you saved so many people, why is this never mentioned anywhere but the island you saved in whatever quest you just completed? Is your Poptropican actually a secret celebrity?

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Theory Thursdays: The Current Pop’s Fate



“Secret Society” has 13 letters in it. If you remove its digits and multiply them, 1 times 3 equals 3. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED.

Uh, you know what, this Illuminati stuff most likely isn’t real, and it definitely doesn’t have anything to do about Poptropica; it’s just a coincidence that not one but two mysterious organizations exist in the game’s universe…or is it?

Ok, that’s enough with that for now. I actually have a legit theory today: what will happen to the Current Pop when New Pop releases.

You see, it just can’t stay on the Internet. Games, and most website domains cost money to stay up and running, even without any updates. Heck, what would New Pop’s URL be if Current Pop somehow stayed up as POPTROPI.CA? Same thing goes for the app, this time only with the app’s name, not domain or URL.

So, let’s get the easiest, yet most unlikely fate down first. The Creators keep the Current, now Old Pop up, continue paying money for it, and figure out a new domain name for the New Pop that won’t leave little kids all confused.

But what will probably happen is that, well, New Pop isn’t actually on a new website. What if stays the same, but the website itself is all New Pop stuff?

That makes sense, but then there’s the actual islands from the Current/Old Pop. If it does actually get “deleted”, I feel like they will at least remake some of the islands for New Pop. Skinny Moon said that the islands won’t just disappear a few months ago. There’s even some proof that 24 Carrot is being redone again, for said New Pop. Feel free to ask Shaky Skunk for details, as she wrote some theories on it.

However, I don’t think every island will make it to the New Pop. They don’t have the time to remake 57 islands, that’s just insane. The likely candidates for islands that will be “deleted” are the unpopular ones, such as a few of the sponsored ones.

You never know though, maybe the reason that New Pop is taking so long to finish (and there’s a chance it’s delayed) is that they are moving every island to New Pop. So don’t worry about losing your favorite islands just yet.

Lastly, before I end this post, I’d like to wish a happy Thanksgiving to the American readers. And to all of you, I’m so thankful that you take the time to read my blog, and I’m thankful for Poptropica and its amazing community. Have a nice day, everyone. Let’s just say, I’m very, very excited for tomorrow, and you’ll find out why soon.

-Tall Cactus

Theory Thursdays: Mordred, Binary Bard, and the Illuminati

Just so you know, this is once again another joke I MEAN CONSPIRACY theory, and has a 99% chance of being totally fake. Have a good day. 

Poptropica is hiding a trianglular secret…


In Astro Knights Island, you may remember that whole Order of Mordred organization. You know, the one where the people were nearly WORSHIPPING the guy.

They were totally CRAZY!


Hmm, they remind me of theorists, conspiracy theorists. And the whole fact of there being that society, yup, it’s true.

Mordred/Binary Bard created the Illuminati, well the Poptropica version, folks.

The Order of Mordred matches the Illuminati perfectly: a group of people who realize the government is possibly hiding things and doing bad stuff; believe in the other side of the story; and aliens. And that people who blasted off into outer space are somehow alive. At least, that’s what I think the Illuminati is like, I don’t really research it/believe it, and I only do Poptropica conspiracy theories. I’m not like Steven Universe’s Ronaldo, which is a good thing.

But wait, are Mordred and Binary Bard even the same person? Just look at how different they look!


All of this must be connected to the Illuminati, it just has too! What, it makes sense now, let me explain…

Mordred, creator of the Poptrican Illuminati, was punished by the government of Arturus and arrested, but he didn’t escape, he was killed by one of the members of his society, some random cyborg poet dude named Binary Bard. Binary Bard pretended to be Mordred, who supposedly escaped into space and got so injured that he had to become half machine. Everyone believed him, everyone…except me. Except you. EXCEPT THE FREAKING ILLUMINATI KIDS.

And just to be sure…

“Mordred” has 7 letters. Turn the 7 upside down, add a slanted line onto the gap, and you got a triangle. A triangle has 3 sides, AND is the symbol of the illuminati. ILLUMINATI CONFIMRED.

“Binary Bard” has 9 letters. 9 divided by 3 equals 3. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED.

Next week: The Secret Society and the Illuminati…

Tall Cactus 

When you literally do joke theories since there’s nothing else to theorize about anymore. 

Theory Thursdays: Will New Pop Be Targeted to Older Audiences?


Hey guys, welcome back to Theory Thursdays, and no, it’s not Mini this week. Today’s theory is a theory deserving of an entire post. Just you keep reading…

Don’t you think it’s strange that all the contests lately have been through social media, not the actual game itself like years past? Yeah, it stinks, but there may be a reason behind this, and New Pop.

The Creators, mainly Skinny Moon (please don’t hate me for the Green Sweater song), are finally communicating with the community, and they probably figured out that most players, well, the ones that actually make an account and continue to play, are older now. Teenagers, like myself. Even some adults, like Slanted Fish or…Thinknoodles. You see where I’m going with this, right?

I’m starting to have a feeling that the real reason New Pop is being made is so the content is somewhat more mature, to please this active community of adolescents, not 6 or 7 year-olds.

I’m not saying New Pop will have blood or guns or more violence, I mean that the stories will be more complex, darker. Even in the current Pop, just compare Early Poptropica to Survival, the change in tone is obvious, and it’s already started happening. Poptropica is much different than it used to be, that’s for sure.

Not only that, but I’m pretty sure my copies of the graphic novels say something like “for ages 8-12”. Not 6-15.

Again, they know a ton of high schoolers and maybe a few college students play, so I feel like New Pop won’t have a maximum age limit at the very least, I know for certain the APP doesn’t.

It’s most likely the New Pop could be an 8+ game, or maybe even a 10+ one, who even knows at this point?

Either way, the majority of the community won’t be affected by an age change, most of us are tweens/teens anyway, like I mentioned a dozen times. Even I turned 13 a little more than a month ago…

So, what are your thoughts on this? If this is actually true, I would actually be pretty happy about it, I’m ready for a more complex Poptropica.

-Tall Cactus 

Theory Thursdays: Your Possessed Poptropican

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Nothing in the world of Pop is what it seems, it is surrounded by so much mystery. That’s why we theorizists like to discover these secrets. Yet, sometimes people totally miss the most obvious facts, it’s ridiculous. I may be the only one to ever point out that your Poptropican is definitely possessed by the…



That is pure evil right there, folks. It controls everything you do, everywhere you walk…


Your feelings…


Your thoughts…


Heck, it seems like every character in Pop is possessed, they keep repeating the same phrases over and over!

But wait a second, how is this “Arrow Spirit” evil if your Poptropican is saving all the islands under its possession? Well, let me explain the full and totally (not) true story behind it all…

Once there was a delinquent child. That delinquent child is you. Well, I mean, not really you, but, ugh I don’t know how to explain. Anyways, this delinquent child was always being controlled, by teachers, parents, the police, you name it. So when they would go to sleep, they would dream of being in this fantastical land…but they were always having to follow the Evil Arrow Spirit, making them the heroes they truly weren’t. That dream, or should I say nightmare, is Poptropica, and there is no escape, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Or, maybe it’s just because Poptropica is a computer game. But I like my version better…

-Tall Cactus

Night of the Evil Robutts Countdown: 2 DAYS! 

Theory Thursdays: Yet Another One About New Pop…

Hey all you Poptropican conspiracy theorists, that day of the week has come again, so it’s no surprise that it’s time for…


This week, we return to the mysterious New Poptropica, since its release is right around the corner. You can’t deny it, you can’t escape it, it’s coming even if you are dreading the day that it does. This is not a dream or a nightmare, it’s real and it’s being made right before our eyes. It’s…

Ok, ok, that’s enough of that. Because you know what? I don’t think New Pop is going to be that different, and here’s why.

SECTION 1: Design

If there’s one thing that’s most likely to be true, it’s that I’m 99% sure that the New Pop will have the same art style and the Poptropicans will simply look like the ones in the graphic novels, with shoes and necks and fingers.


Looks pretty similar to the Current Pop, doesn’t it? 

Maybe it’ll just look like Adventure Pig, who even knows what the Creators are planning?


SECTION 2: Plotline

Sure, the pictures in the last section pretty much explaining everything, but everything else, not so much. It’s fun to theorize about though, so here we go…

The Creators keep saying that 1. the Old Islands “won’t just disappear” and 2. there will be a story connecting all of the islands. What does this mean? To be honest, I think they will slightly edit the existing islands so they can fit into this new connected storyline. Also, they keep saying a few new islands will be released with New Pop, so I feel like at least one of those islands will include characters from other islands, similar to Super Villain Island, but with even more lore in it. However, if this is the case, than that means there won’t be any more islands released on the Current Pop. Ouch.

As for the sponsored islands, I feel like they will either be removed or not be canon. But who knows, maybe Realms will come into play and they will be different universes or something.

SECTION 3: The Website Itself (and App)

I have a few ideas on the matter, with no particular order and not much evidence. And some these are saying that New Pop WILL be different, but yolo.

1. The “new website” is just the current website and/app with a new design.

2. All the islands will be SUIs, since the Creators only care about those nowadays. Cough cough Islands of the Month cough.

3. The app will be up to date with the web version, with all the same islands and features. Cross play hopefully happens in common rooms and multiverses.

4. A new website will be created, with its URL being something like “”. The old website will probably stick around for at least a few months with no updates, but could possibly be deleted eventually. The old app would also be deleted and replaced.

5. The Creators’ Blog will be updated and/or replaced. Hopefully they won’t delete all their old throwback posts from way back when. New Creators will also join the team and begin to blog on there.

6. Etc, etc, ect, this list of outcomes has no definite end. But this post does, sadly. There’s still one more paragraph left, however.

Look, I don’t know if these theories will be true or not, as they are just theories, but I sure hope so. Apparently, a New Pop sneak peak will be coming out sometime this month. Until then, don’t worry about it, because most of the time the thing you’re worrying about turns out to be fine in the end. That being said, I won’t be talking about New Pop any longer until we get some actual news, because making a million posts on the same exact info can get a little, old.

-Tall Cactus

Theory Thursdays: Will Poptropica Ever Get a TV Show?!

The day has finally come. The long awaited return of Theory Thursdays!


Before we begin, I’d like to explain something. From now until the release of he New Pop, Theory Thursdays will not be about the in-game universe of Poptropica, as all of that will be explained in, well, New Pop, along the next graphic novel, even though that doesn’t come out until April. Instead, they will mainly be focusing on topics involving the real-world part of things, such as future game features and the future of the entire franchise.

Today, as you saw on the title, we will be dissucing whether Pop will ever have an actual TV show or not. As for a movie, I doubt that unless the TV show is a success. But you never know…

First of all, what’s even the chance of them making a TV show right now, since they’re so busy with New Pop and all? Most likely impossible. But if New Pop is a success in a couple years, then maybe. Still, I can’t imagine it happening any time soon.

Let’s say that the Creators shock us all with a Poptropica cartoon, either now or in many years. What would the show even be like?

Let’s start with story. I feel it would either be about the graphic novel series or the actual in-game islands, it all depends. Though I have to admit, I hope it’s not the graphic novels, I just feel like using the islands would make a much better plot. That’s why I’m doing Pop TV: Secret of the Medallions, folks, just in case that does happen. And though the plot line itself would be very surprising, the station it would air on isn’t, actually. Let me explain.

I feel that there is a 99% chance that it would be on Cartoon Network. Why? Well, have you ever seen a Disney XD or Nickelodeon ad on Poptropica? Maybe one or two, but not nearly as many as Cartoon Network. Literally, there has been a We Bare Bears ad, that Teen Titans GO/Powerpuff Girls crossover ad, that whatever-the-new-sword-show-is-called ad from just a couple weeks ago, etc. Heck, there was even a Steven Universe ad back when SU was first releasing in 2013! If you don’t already know, that’s like my favorite cartoon of all time, so yeah.

But why does having ads about new shows that just happen to be on CN matter? You see, the Creators don’t just advertise these cartoon releases just to advertise them, they do it to earn more money to continue making the game. And who gives them the money for these ads? The thing they are advertising, of course, in this case it would by Cartoon Network. This shows that the Poptropica creators and CN creators do have some sort of connection, meaning I would be no surprise if a Pop TV show is on CN.

Back to Steven Universe, there’s something else I should explain. Recently, my favorite SU YouTuber, The Roundtable, did a video about how Steven Universe could be ending after Season 5, which will air sometime next year or 2018. CN seems to be beginning to end its current lineup of shows, he talks about his further in the video, which you can watch right here.

What does this have to do about Poptropica, you ask? Well, if CN is gonna end a bunch of its shows over the next few years, this means that a Pop TV show could be a part of the new generation of Cartoon Network. Poptropica, one of my fav things, could replace Steven Universe, one of my other fav things. Just let that sink in for a moment…

Lastly, what would the show be rated? Y7 or PG, obviously, the age range for the game itself is 6-15. Unless this changes in New Pop, I have no clue.

And yeah, I don’t have much more to say about a Pop TV show at the moment, except that you should be looking forward to my fan fic with a similar name!

-Tall Cactus

PS- Today’s my birthday! I’m officially a teenager, eeek!

Spectacular Sunday Surprises: The Real Reason Behind New Pop (Theory)


As you saw in the title, this week’s surprise is a theory. Yes, a theory. You might be like, “There’s already Theory Thursdays for that,” but that series is on hiatus until October because of Throwback Thursdays. I don’t want to wait that long. And this is Spectacular Sunday Surprises, it could be anything.

So, let’s begin…

If if you haven’t already heard, Google Chrome is starting to block Flash. Well except for the Top 10 sites, mainly social media. It’s been known for months now, but now they are finally starting to go through with it, the newest update is the beginning stages to wiping out Flash and replacing it with HTML5. Flash should be officially blocked sometime in December.

But, what does this have to do with Poptropica? Well, if you didn’t already know, Pop is a flash game. And many, many players use, well, Chrome.

Sure, there will be a way to turn Flash on for each website, but do you think kids will be able to know how to do that? Not really. Which means Pop would begin to fail if they continued with Flash.

That’s why they are making a New Poptropica with Unity. That way, when it releases about the same time that Flash starts dying on Chrome, the game will not be affected and thus saved.

So next time you feel upset about Pop 2.0, just remember that it’s not the Creators’ fault, it’s Google’s.

-Tall Cactus 

The Biggest Theory Thursday EVER

WARNING: Not only does this post contain Lost Expedition spoilers, but it’s super, duper long. Yeah…


Before we begin, I want to point out that this isn’t just one theory, but many theories connected together in some way. AlA few aren’t theories at all, just me rambling my cray cray thoughts because there isn’t enough evidence yet to back it up.

Takes deep breath.

Let’s do this…


We will begin with my theory about Octavian, because this is the one that makes the most sense and is probably true.

Like I mentioned in my “Thoughts on The Lost Expedition” post, it is revealed in TLE that Octavian is from ancient Pompeii.


Here’s the thing. I don’t think Octavian is as evil as we all think. The map says Pompeii AD 79, aka when Mount Vesuvius erupted and killed all those people. What if he somehow escaped? And is now trying to get home to his family? It is revealed in the Book 3 preview that he wants to change the timeline. He probably isn’t going through with all his evil plans, he is just trying to save his family and friends from being killed by the eruption!

Also, you may think he is that famous Roman emperor Augustus, who changed his name to, but he died in AD 14, 65 years before AD 79. So, our Octavian was just a random citizen, I guess.

But why does he have modern clothing on? Probably to blend in, I guess. In Pompeii he probably looked something like….this:

Screenshot 2016-06-28 at 6.54.24 PM

And if you look closely enough at the picture above (the map one, not Poptropolis one) you will see that Octavian has one of those tattoos. I’ll explain more on that later, as it explains even more about Octavian and how he will change the course of history.

What even is Poptropica?

I used to just think it was some random planet full of islands. It probably is, but then again, now we know that Poptropica has some sort of connection with Earth, and messing with Pop doesn’t necessarily ruin just Pop, but mainly Earth.

This brings us back to a theory I wrote back in February: the Frozen in Time Theory, which may be more true than ever now and remains to be what I think happened.



Will the truth be revealed in the graphic novel series? Yes.

Who caused it? Maybe Octavian, or even the kids, but probably some past event that caused Pop to even exist and began the Society.

But, what went wrong? We will probably find out soon.

Also, I’m pretty sure that they aren’t actually time traveling in TLE, all the time periods exist at the same time on separate islands. The map just guides them of where to travel.

Mystery Train Island ISN’T a play…

Even though my Frozen in Time theory is almost certainly true, I would be surprised if it wasn’t, a couple of my other, newer theories were proven false. We know now that Mystery Train Island was actually real, since important historical events exist in Poptropica, just as islands. Same goes for Time Tangled. Heck, Time Tangled will probably become super important soon.

The Secret Society and Tattoos

And then there’s the Secret Society. We don’t know much about them yet, but we are sure to find out lots of info in Book 3, which is titled “The Secret Society”. It doesn’t come out till April though, wah!

Anyways, it seems to be split up into two groups, yet both are trying to protect Poptropica from outsiders.

The first group seems to be these weird trooper people who fly around all the islands in this weird flying thing. They have modern technology, actually FUTURISTIC technology, including these weird electric “Stun Butons” (or something like that, it’s a store item).




Remember that symbol, it’s important…

Then there’s the second group. They seem to be normal people, until you see how they act. And the walkie talkie. And then that tattoo…

They are probably spying for the Society. And the other people from the so called past don’t seem to care, maybe they now about the future and the Society too?!

I would also like to point out that none of the “famous” historical people are a part of the Society. Yes, all he islands featured in the Lost Expedition are actually based on real events. Even the H.M.S. Terror was real, I suggest you look that up online. It’s shocking how similar it is to the book.

Octavian, Part 2

If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that Octavian’s tattoo has scratches over it. He must have been the Society spy person for Pompeii, but abandoned them.


If you didn’t know, scratches, cuts, whatever over a certain symbol usually means the person ditched them. It’s foreshadowing, kids.

Octavian probably knows so much about Poptropica, no wonder he knows how to change history and stuff. I can’t wait till we find out more, he’s my favorite character in the series!

Upon Rereading MotM…

I noticed a few details that didn’t make sense before now.

#1: This guy…

Even though it doesn’t show it, that guy probably DEFINITELY has a tattoo and is associated with the Society. He may even be the guy talking through the computer at the end of TLE!


Heck, he could even be the leader! Guess we’ll see when the third book comes out in April.

#2: This thing…


Possibly the time device from Time Tangled Island, further proving my theory that Octavian was the one who caused your Poptropican to have to save the future.

What about your Poptropican?

There is a good chance that your Poptropican is also a part of the Society, as many of the islands in the actual game are based on historical events, mainly Time Tangled Island, where you have to fix the past to save the future by collecting those items and putting them back in the right time period. Wait wait, what if it was OCTAVIAN who messed everything up?! Or it was just a malfunctioning time machine, like stated in the island. Or both. I don’t know…

However, your Poptroican may be separate, as they only save Poptropica, there is no mention of the “real world” or whatever they’re gonna call it. Unless the Secret Society, whatever their real society name is, saves Poptropica and stops those villains too.

All we need to do to figure out if your Poptropican is a member of the Society or not is to check their arm and see if they have s tattoo or not. But we can’t right now, the arms aren’t realistic, unlike the art style of the graphic novels. This may, and probably will change when the New Pop comes out, however, and a tattoo may be there. If you do actually have one, you are a part of the Society, if you don’t, then nope!

There won’t be a Lost Expedition Island

You see, in the graphic novel, they go to several different islands, so I doubt that they will make an actual game island based on it. Also, the Creators are too busy making the New Pop. And unlike MotM, they did not release it online first, so I had to actually buy TLE. Well my parents did. Same thing. Ugh lets just move on…

Phew, congrats to all of you who made it this far. Don’t worry, there are only a few more paragraphs left, and then you can return to whatever you were doing before reading this post.

There was a reason this week’s Theory Thursday was so freaking long. You see, I would have split these Lost Expedition theories into different posts, but I can’t, as Theory Thursdays will be going on hiatus for the next month or so. Why? They will be replaced with THROWBACK Thursdays for the month of September, to celebrate Pop’s birthday month.

Don’t be sad though, this four week special event is gonna be awesome! And theories will return back on a weekly schedule in October.

So yeah, that’s the end of this mega theory post. You can return to society now, thanks for wasting 20 minutes or so of your precious life reading this 😃

-Tall Cactus




Theory Thursdays: Captain BOO-fish

No, this isn’t about how lame and boring of a villain Captain Crawfish is, it’s my theory on why I think he’s…dead. And is a ghost. Yeah…


So we begin with the utterly long and difficult Skullduggery Island. Captain Crawfish is mentioned many times throughout, and your quest is to stop him. After hours and hours of trading, or days and days in game time, you finally find his ship and crew, defeating them. Later whole your digging up the treasure, they return to the island you’re on, but unlike in all that promotional art and even current pics of him, his hair isn’t gray, it’s BROWN?


Whether or not this is just an animation error or actually meant to be, it won’t affect my theory too much, because after Crawfish and his crew get stuck on that island, the theory could go a few different directions. They all end up with him being a ghost, though.

1. He was already dead.

Maybe Crawfish has been dead this whole time, a ghost haunting the seven seas in the afterlife.

2. He died on the island.

This could explain the hair color change, maybe he was trapped on that island for so long that he grew old and eventually reached his demise. Or, if the hair was an accident, didn’t stay there too long but ended up dying anyway.

1. + 2. Explaining Super Villain Island

I guess ghosts have totems and dreams now, no proof against that. Being a ghost would perfectly explain his nightmare with all those ghost versions of him in it.


3. Death AFTER SVI

On the “Can you swim?” Pop Quiz is shows Crawfish in the “No” answer picture.

That being said, he may not be able to swim, so he could have drowned after the villains got blasted into the ocean towards the end of SVI.

“But he doesn’t look like a ghost!”

In Ghost Story Island, Fiona doesn’t look like a ghost at first, but she actually is one, meaning that could be the same for Crawfish.

Oh, one more thing…

Captain Crawfish is still a lame villain even if he is a ghost. He just is.

-Tall Cactus