Theory Week: Mystery Train Island is a PLAY?!

I’m not even going to bother making an intro or posting that logo today, because I’m pretty sure that you, the readers, are too busy wondering about what I said in the title, so why waste time with an extra paragraph?

Oh wait, I kinda just did waste time with another paragraph there. Whoops…


As you saw in the title, today’s theory is about Mystery Train Island. You know, the island that many people consider one of their favorites. But sorry, Giant Hawk, I actually hated this island. It was just…boring for me.

Yet I was able to come up with a theory that explains why Mystery Train seems different than most islands. Because it’s not an actual island, it’s a play.

Look at the background while your on the train. The same exact thing keeps repeating itself, until you stop at a station, and then a new background once again repeats itself. It’s not even that detailed either, which is almost exactly how the backgrounds in theatrical productions are like.


Remember that car with all the random objects from other islands? That could simply be a place where they store props for other plays!



At one point you even have to dress up as the butler dude, who’s an exact copy of you? I didn’t know the Booted Bandit was an actor!

The evidence just goes on and on…

This theory also explains why all those famous historic people are all on a train together in a different time period. They are simply actors, similar to those people in the Early Poptropica art museum who are pretending to be famous artists.

Well, that’s all for today’s theory, see you tomor-

“If it’s a play, then why was it one of the islands that got destroyed at the end of Super Villain Island?”


Maybe they were making it into a full-blown movie? You never know with that stuff. And Super Villain just adds even more proof that it’s a play/movie, the villain of Mystery Train isn’t at Erewhon with the rest of the villains.

NOW that’s all for today’s theory, see you tomorrow!

-Tall Cactus


3 thoughts on “Theory Week: Mystery Train Island is a PLAY?!

  1. If the theory is it’s a play, it’s possible that the butler from MT and the Booted Bandit are like the stunt doubles of you. I mean, it’s possible.


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