The Totem Curse- Chapter 11: Experiment Gone Wrong

Continued From Chapter 10

Harvey was now officially alone. No friends, no one he could trust. Sure, there was his roommate, Michael Silva, but he was a jerk. The only company he had was Fuzzy Bunny, which he grew to love even though Fuzzy was kind of mean sometimes. But, most of the time, Harvey was somewhat depressed.

To keep his hopes up, he tried to only focus on his education. He studied, and studied, and 4 years later, in 2001, he graduated with his bachelor’s degree. He could have ended his college years there, but since learning and science were the only things keeping him happy, he kept studying for years. On June 15th, 2007, he would get his doctorate degree. Yet, something terrible happened just three days before that.

Fuzzy was pretty old for a rabbit by then. But, he acted even stranger than ever before. Old age had nothing to do with it. And the golden carrot was still in Harvey’s possession. Sure, he knew there was something wrong with it, and that he was the only one out of the four who wasn’t evil. He wanted to test it first. On Fuzzy. He thought that if it WAS a totem, and if Fuzzy was already kinda mean, then it might reverse the effects of it. So he set up a secret experiment. No one at the N.I.S.S. could know about it.

He set up a device that connected both the rabbit and carrot. Very dangerous. Sure, Harvey was worried, but if it could prevent him becoming evil. He could escape his fate, unlike what was said in that dream 10 years before. He put on his signature lime-green lab googles. Then he turned on the machine, and a few sparks flew as the thing lit up.

Harvey (to himself): “Here goes nothing…”

The machine would combine both Fuzzy and the Golden Carrot in one minute.

Harvey backed up.

53 seconds…

One of the wires connecting the rabbit and carrot fell off.

45 seconds…

Harvey ran back to the machine.

39 seconds…

He picked the wire off the floor.

30 seconds…

The wire was too hot so he put on some gloves that were on a nearby table.

14 seconds…

He once again picked up the wire and quickly reconnected it.

4 seconds…

His head was at the wrong place at the wrong time- his forehead was slightly touching one of the wires. But before he could get out of the way…

3, 2, 1…BOOM!!!!!!

A burst of electricity flashed when the Golden Carrot, Fuzzy, and Harvey’s head were fused. The machine breaks down a second or two later. The Golden Carrot was gone. Fuzzy was annoyed, but other then that was fine, as he quickly hopped away a minute later. Harvey got a little electrocuted and fell unconscious.

Since he was connected to both Fuzzy’s mind AND the Golden Carrot, which was in fact his totem, he not only became evil, but he also had half of a rabbit’s mind in his brain.

When he woke up, he felt totally different. He no longer was the serious, no-nonsense person that he had been his entire life. He was now fun-loving, happy, and crazy. He never thought that being evil (and part bunny) was so much fun. He got back down to his dorm and tried to act as normal as possible. He wasn’t going to leave to go do his evil plans without getting his degree!

The graduation was a few days later. It was fine until he was given his certificate. Right when it was handed to him, his front teeth suddenly became huge! Everyone in the crowd freaked out. Some were calling 911, and the others called him a monster. So Harvey grabbed the certificate out of the man’s hand, and ran away as fast as he could from the N.I.S.S. The rabbit part of him made him run faster and jump higher, so escaping wasn’t too hard. Then he went to the nearest costume store and stole a pink, fluffy bunny suit. After that he sneaked onto the nearest ship traveling to 24 Carrot Island. For the first time ever since he had left, he wanted to visit his hometown. But this time it was for revenge. He would now be known as Dr. Hare. He didn’t want to remember Harvey.

When he finally got there, he first went over to the Funny Bunny Carrot Farm, ready to surprise his parents. But the only one there was his brother Henry Hare Jr., who hadn’t aged very well.

Screenshot 2016-03-23 at 5.18.09 PM.png


Henry didn’t recognize him. No one in the town did. Maybe that was a good thing.

Dr. Hare later found the Carrot Cake Factory. He remembered that place. He went there often as a kid. But know it was closed, abandoned. He didn’t care. The factory would be his secret lair.

So over the next few weeks he kidnapped a few kids and built a Rabbot that would mind control the whole world, even making the password for the control “Fuzzy Bunny.” Yeah, he literally did all of that in a month, ’cause he was crazy like that. Then he stole every carrot on the island, ruining the economy. His evil plan was looking good, and no one was there to stop him…well, only for a little bit.

Meanwhile, in Early Poptropica, a girl named Poppy was celebrating her 13th birthday…


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